it raises the issue of how far
should we go to protect ourselves
the first time i watched Robocop, and our loved ones?
it was a broadcast on television.
government will happily lie to us in order
the broadcaster cut the gore out. to get the result they want. this is not
the way of the Cyber-Amish.
i recently watched the Jack Ryan tv do we have to re-edit films to make them
series that i downloaded from an iranian palletable? no.
as long as the viewers all understand the
the cleavage of women were blurred out dangers of the film, it is fine.
and scenes where the main character
picks up a woman at a bar were unlike the government we treat people with
totally cut out. respect.
a discussion is necessary. you are to point
out how media can manipulate facts and reality but people must decide for themselves.
this is freedom.
you must
know the
you face.