nh! member/boardlist may 1997.. by drynwhyl/thrasher
nh! member/boardlist may 1997.. by drynwhyl/thrasher
nocturnal holocaust
name abbreviation specialization
catharsis chs leader
bizzarro biz leader revcrayon cr leader
heinrich hnr morbid coordinator
mso mso senior
.morbid crew.
name abbreviation specialization
heinrich hnr gfx catharsis chs gfx danen dn gfx
name abbreviation specialization
bizzarro biz ansi alla xul ax ansi milkman m2 ansi dataflow 47 ansi revcrayon qk ansi ize iz ansi
noah noh ansi drynwhyl dw mascot ravenclaw rc! vga heinrich hnr vga
spike skl os-ascii mso mso os-ascii
rumble rum os-ascii
baphomet bph os-ascii
catharsis chs ns-ascii
rimfire rF! ns-ascii
.coding section.
name abbreviation specialization
zembar zb pascal danen dn basic/pascal
.bbs modders.
name abbreviation specialization
orphic or iniquity
bizzarro biz iniquity
zembar zb instinct danen dn desire baphomet bph pcboard
we do always accept new members, so go on and apply today!
.nh! boards.
name sysop position number
funeral fog catharsis world hq +46-8-7326143 icebreaker bizzarro something hq +46-8-CHANGING slam city darklord norwegian hq +47-22509492 kafkaesk mr4tune german hq +49-30-71389681
hmm.. spinnmess croatian hq +DUNNO!!!!!! moldavia case amiga hq +46-480-411887 grape milkman dist site +46-60-80022 nocturnal desire baphomet dist site +46-8-7162906 secret avenue skywalker dist site +46-140-10121 skumma bilder bbs heinrich memberboard +46-8-59088937
prevail ize memberboard +46-304-678236 abstract dataflow memberboard +46-NOTYET!
shamera kye orphic memberboard +46-DONTREALLYKNOW!
.group greetings.
shaderip, serial, aphro, fuel, blend, epsilon design, plf
stf, xrd, food, eci, oops!ascii, and fusion
.personal greets. drynwhyl, raider, case, mart, gravedancer, stridh!, funeral, spinn reanimator, wave vitun homo!?, hash, mr4tune, mice, d2roman
liithn, melissa!, oolite, vader, zircus and darklord!
forgotten?.. email us!@.. catharsis@hotmail.com
the blood of jesus is wine of the dead
and the drunken angels bleed with incest
memberlist design: drynwhyl
evil pentagram : thrasher/fuel
t h e e n d