wolfheart by milkmang & bizzarro
wolfheart by milkmang & bizzarro
nerp - its nothing but a word
coloring, shapings - milkman nerp
coloring, shadings, logo bizzarro nerp
Mother Tongue speaks to me
In the strongest way Ive ever seen
I know that she sees in me
Her proudest child, her purest breed
She speaks to me in colours
That I cant really understand
I only know that they are ours
And to those Ill proudly bend
For I am your only child
And you my dearest mystery
From an ancient throne i defy the world
To kneel before the Power within
For I am your only child
And she is my dearest mystery
World cant you see it?
Am I alone in my belief?
Breaking waves announce my Bride
It is the only way the Sea could sing
Legends of Lusitanian pride
He sings the words I can not spring
At the Moon Mountain six wolves cry
Your lost glory well regain or die
For I am her only child
And shes my dearest mystery
Pagan Gods in conspiracy
For the sword of Tyranny
Mother Tongue has spoke to thee
In the strongest way theyve ever seen
World cant you see?
I am not alone in my belief
:: Moonspell - Wolfheart ::