OK, whats up folks. Just thought I would take this time to give MindCrime
a great big pat on the back for creating such a neat viewer in such a short
period of time. I would also like to thanks Cyber-Tike for his help in the
beginning Yes, I am still doing that Velocity menu set: . Well, I guess
NationView is pretty self explanatory. This month we left out the RIP code
and other Graphic formats code because you guys were going insane waiting
for this thing: They will be featured next month however. It will probably
be pretty buggy but hell, if it views the ansis then it works in my opinion.
Eventhough we lack a few features we made up for it with some features that
no other viewer has ever dabbled in. So, enjoy the pack and if you have any
comments or suggestions for future versions of NationView we would really
love to hear them. Oh yea, while you are viewing an ansi you can toggle
iCE Color, Grey Scale, and Ascii Mode by hitting the key that corresponds
to the option. That wasnt in the help file so just thought Id let you
know: OK, Im outta here.