The men, the myth,
the legend. After It all started 2 or 3 short years ago
an almost 3 year when a group of fun.loving-ansi.drawing-
absence, NaC returns 519.dialing-roadkill.eating-school.going-yoots
to the ANSi scene decided they were going to start an ANSi group.
with a vengeance. Little did they know the events which would
A vengeance for what unfold before them.
you might ask? A NaC started out simple enough, a couple guys
vengeance to take sitting in their basements drawing blocky
back their rightful pictures and calling themselves artists. Yet what
spot in ANSi history was different about these guys were that they
possessed, what was at the time, a very distinct
and unique ability -- to make people ask themselves
two very important questions:
What the hell is that?.. and ..Why the hell is it still on my screen?
It was this gift that swiftly brought them to 5i9 superstardom. Ok, well not
exactly superstardom, but at least people knew who they were. NaC slowly
began expanding its operation. A few more members joined, and soon NaC had
rightfully aquired the name group.
Being one of the founding members of the group, I for one took pride in
knowing that some of our ansis were the worst ever produced except for
those guys who made TheDraw. It had become the NaC trademarkshitty fonts,
horrific colour schemes, a decent looking picture with an overly large or
extremely unattractive font. Everything about our ansis made you scream
NaC!. Unfortunately some of the other group members had different ideas
about where the group should be taken.
Im sure the people mentioned in this paragraph would rather have this part
of their ANSi pasts removed permanently from memory, but Im afraid thats
not possible. It became pretty obvious that members of the group such as
Wyvern and WarpuS : were doing their best to draw well. I would have
normally taken this as a deliberate act to sabotage the entire foundation on
which NaC was built, but instead took the oppurtunity to realize that their
was an obvious creative difference in the group, and therefore it was
disbanded leaving the remaining members to go their seperate ways.
And so started my leave of absence from the ANSi world. Not that I was
really that disappointed anyway. ANSi as an artform really hadnt taken off,
and the majority of work was based on simple pictures and well drawn out
fonts an art that some have obviously since forgotten. Yet I never truly
detached myself from the ANSi scene. Wyvern was and is a good friend of
mine and he always had the latest releases from the up and coming groups
along with some of my old favourites. It was during this time period that
ANSi truly began to mutate. I use the word mutate not to say that it
wasnt growing, but rather to suggest that maybe it was growing in the wrong
Im not going to deny that there were a lot of great worksreleased in this
time period, but when comparing it to some of the bad stuff you really get
a hold of the amount of pure and utter CRAP people were releasing. Never
before in my life had I sat down in front of an iCE or ACiD pack just to
mention a few.. and said to myself uih, what the hell is that supposed to
be, or my god, !I! could draw betterthan that!. But the big groups arent
the only ones to blame for this reaction. It seemed that with every new day
came a new ANSi group and soon our little scene had changed into a full
fledged market where having a name like iCE or ACiD beside your sig made you
god. Id alsohave to say that it was the little groups that produced some
of the biggest crap. I thought NaC was bad, boy is this stuff ever... hey,
wait a minute. NaC WAS bad, some could go as far to say it was the worst, but
now it seems that everyone is out to capture NaCs coveted title!
Which brings us to the present, and the reason why NaC is back in business.
Its time to show all those bad-drawing wannabes what really BAD art is all
about. Puddlez the only former NaC member willing to take on the project
and myself have decided to release our first pack not to mention our first
ansis in 3 years! But this time NaC isnt stopping at ANSi, theyre going
all the way to VGA! Were risking our names to show the world that we truly
are the worst ANSi/VGA hobbyists because we are in no way artists ever
Now comes the part where YOU fit in. As of today, NaC has reached its full
member list, Puddlez and myself. We arent accepting new members, and we
dont do board pics, BUT we do want some guest artists! So go into ye olde
archives and dig out your raunchiest-awfulest-horriblest-wiggliest ANSis and
post em everywhere. All you have to do is put NaC beside your name and
show people what REAL crap looks like! Who knows, maybe some day all those
big shit ANSi so-called-artists will look at how bad your stuff is, then look
at their stuff and realize that they look identical and say to themselves,
hey, why dont i get off my pickle and draw ANSi the way its supposed to
be drawn!!!
The final word,