L O R D M A X X T R O S A R T P A C K 1 6
the paranoid syndrome
thats me again with the new 16th package. some major
changes in my scene life. first of all i left razor
1911 demo. recently i joined a new ascii-group called
SARS. some of you might see my pieces of ascii in the
first pack of the group. and some days ago i joined the
well-known ansi-group 27inch hello guys :. well,
seems thats all. the pack includes the ordinary stuff
such as ascii/ansi, hirez and icons. some extra stuff
aslo included my tablet speedpaintings.
time to greet my buddies from all over the world in
no order:
Jay whoopies!, Gecko, Edge, Rootstyle, Mogue, Asphyx,
Spear, Enzo, Oxyde, ZeroVision, Cleaner, Necrotoad,
Idiana, Sal-One, Acid, Amgits, Kenet, DreamerX i miss
you mate and so on...
special thanks to NightCat, Freman, Odyz.
PS. for everybody who ever wondered how do i look
theres my ansi-portrait made by the mighty ZeroVision
of TNT crew. see zv-lmx.ans in the root folder.
contact information:
email / com
lmx @ EFNet no more public channels
do not irritate me please
14th September 2004