faded ambition by chaotic prisoner
faded ambition by chaotic prisoner
c h a O t i c p r i s O n e r
presents a 99 percent original ansi
a e
d d
a m i i n
b t o
art: chaOtic prisOner
all ya bbs info and shit can go right down here
and here.... and here.. and here...
even here if ya like.
-toth cuthere-------------------------------------------------------------
this is prObably the Only time yOull ever catch me dOing a lOgO bigger than
23 lines as i aint that gOOd at pics. The dewd in the picture is Of cOurse
Glen BentOn from DEICIDE. It was a hard figure to draw as there were nO tones
On the figure. I had tO make them up myself. The cOmpOsitiOn of the faces is
alsO 100 Orig. Its alsO my first blackandwhite lOgO!
Greets tO : kRiSiS, pushead, fC, kpt, warhammer, tribal, vertigO, lasher
and every Other kewl artist in the art scene which i have missed.
Especially all the metal heads like me!
.....chaOtic prisOner!mOp - gellis@laurel.ocs.mq.edu.au