unsane's last ansi by unsane
unsane's last ansi by unsane
i hope you like it, its my last... . .
diet cOla - +o spear
A word from Unsane
- i have decided to leave the scene for a while, as because i have
found that i spend wAAAAAAY too much time on the good ole pooter.
so, you prolly wont see any ansi from me ever again. i thought
id go out with a bang, by releasing this elite pic. i think it
is pretty good, for me. anyways, if you do see me on a doodle
channel, please do not ask me to draw you an ansi, or a lamo font
because i wont even reply. you WILL probably see me on the
doodle channels, sometimes, but that dosent mean that im back..
well, its been fun. .. later
unsaneex- acid, ice,
saga, cia, itch
savage knights,
mystic, quad-p,
etc. . .