x-squad by baltazar
x-squad by baltazar
one of my first toons... i did it some months ago
but wasnt satisfied and never got it released then
so... i thought that i might just touch it up and
release it later on... this is the result...
made this one for cocox so he can have his board
even after he pays his phonebill...
want to request something... email baltazar@gim.net... baltazar
x - s q u a d
x-squad is operated by cybermaniac - sorry... thats all i know
ansi by baltazarmOp
greetings to the three great friends abnormal, cocox
and illogic.. grow up... hehe...
other greets to... vain, castor, whitesnake, zaico, mendator.... + others
btw i got a new email address baltazar@gim.net