may 1996 member listing by mop staff
may 1996 member listing by mop staff
m O p i n t H e 9 6
bob the janitor btj
tweed td
abnormal ab
arrogance ack
bedlam bm
catbones cs
cold and ugly cu
corpulent cow cc
icto io
infernal flames if
night blade nb
number 28 28
pixel pusher pp
tabaqui tq
terminal psychosis tp
the hooded one tho
tung lo tl
vengeance vn
xedgex xe
other members:
parasite official diz maker
skadistic groupie
shivan bastard coder
phoenix 201 telecom
mrsmiley gimpy dcc bot
hack hacker
intensity hacker
vibrance music/coder
offICiAl sites:
gyromite why the hell would you w0Rld place
bent actually check for canadian place
ground zer0 black on black next israeli place
inner sanctum on a memberlist?! australian plaCe
nite-lite dont you have anything african place
prevail better to do with your swedish pLace
alderAAn time?! eastern plACe
eviL intenTIons weSTern place
ink hawaiian place
the regency southern place
internet SItes:
the Official mOp web pLAce
mOp ftp site /othersupport/mop
mOp ftp site
member web pAGEs:
- this member list is being updated so some info may be incorrect, if there is a error please contact tweed thanks.