mr. popeil's ascii's by mr. popeil
mr. popeil's ascii's by mr. popeil
this is my asciis for the month... they are ok, i just kind of did these for
fun during the month and realized i had enough to release at the end...
greetz go out to: turtle, grimace, p1, kt, deathbringer, btj, tweed, ck, ld,
syntax error, fathom, weazel, vital chaos, sabeth, the
entire mOp crew, mephitopeles, il, xpired, and anybody i
forgot :
-----------------------------------------------------PO-DL.ASC----------------uhm, this is for the deathbringer or something ....
D a s T o d l a n d
@ * @!* Po /
Drop to Main Message Menu Transfer Menu Email Menu Logoff!
-----------------------------------------------------PO-ST.ASC----------------this is for my bud vital chaos and his krad board sadistic temple ...
/ t e m p l e
add stats down here however you want.
-----------------------------------------------------PO-MOP!.ASC--------------this is for the monkey ordering pizzas that rule...
s s b d d
aaa aaSSSS
-----------------------------------------------------PO-SLAB.ASC--------------vital! 2 coming soon!@* :
!@ ----!@!@: : : ----: : !@ / /
-----------------------------------------------------PO-SLAB.ASC--------------and finally this one is for the krad koder sabeth and his group slab!
d b
-* slab release numero uno *-