--whats up
Yo guys... here we are again. On number 4... wow...
mOist record. : Hehehe. well.. I guess it could be number 7 if
you count the paks in 95. Hope you all enjoy the pack. It looks
like some just dont care about there scene anymore when you look
at this pack.
--this month
This month the pack is an alright one. We have had better.
Some people jsut took a break or somthing. But, its good. I was kinda getting pushy with the work and stuff, and I applogize to Maddog Hoek
for releasing stuff he didnt want out, i miss interpteted what he
said. : Sorry man. we have 4 new members.. kid frost, ran the fat
group crisis in 94-95, and JUST finally started drawing ansi. Sick Pup is gonna be gonna start doing VGA for us, and dr.freeze joined as an
askii artist. uSpanky joined in the ranks, and as a courior.
Dark Force left the group, dunno why. I am trying to get some music
out in this pack.. nofx decided to move more to the VGA side of the
group. Also.. The Frayed Ends of Sanity is now our new Internet World headquarters, run by phantom lord of plan9. Its a bad ass Telnet.
Check it all out.
--right now
Now I think mOist is fine... The members that care.. do work the ones that dont.. dont.. : We need sites though.. so.. people
apply! : We are still looking for a West, North, and a South HQ.
And different contries HQs would be good too. No Apps will be
accepted over irc. You must call Final Fantasy
--last month
Last month was pretty good for mOist. I mean.. nice pack
Good artwork by ALL members. We still artnt getting our packs out,
time to go to work you silly couriors you. Have fun.. :
civid mOist