here is my colly. I hate collys. They should call them shittys. ok. um... greetZ to: coug, rooster brain eater, dark force, maddog hoek, wizard, smoke phantac, scribble, spear, empathy, grey, phantom
lord, obituary, dr. freeze, pinhead, nofx, crytal
skunk, kid frost, and black knight.
clit modding 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------
this is fugly cividmOist
clit modding crew.
garden of stone 2 ------------------------------------------------------------
g a r d e n o f s t o n e
after i did this ansi, i realized that this board went doen a long time ago.
damp literature 3 ------------------------------------------------------------
m e m b e r l i s t i n g
damp literature 4 ------------------------------------------------------------
civid mOist/damp
bringing lit back from the dead...
cougs bat kave 5 ------------------------------------------------------------
b a t c a v e !
the end ----------------------------------------------------------------------
like i said, i hate collys.. :