Memberlist by Allison Horsejello-S
Memberlist by Allison Horsejello-S
sik font by alison horsejello-smithe mistergirls
Alison Horsejello-Smithe is our dear leader of Mistergirlth. Does she fuck?
Oh yeah she fuck? You ready to get down? Hit me up! 1-800-BlockofTronixona
GinTonix. Unless Todd is reading this. Fuck you Todd. I def dont still love
you - despite what i texted you last week.
AngelicAmie31 is a high school junior from round rock texas. She draws jpg
when shes not busy with her homework and her church youth-group. A total
promise-ringer she is definitely SAVING HERSELF FOR MARRIAGE. So dont even
think about it you sickos!
Bram Snaplevangerz is president of Linkin Park fan club. His art is inspire
d by the work of MiKe ShiNoDA and Chester Chester Chester. He makes ameteur
x rated movies and is totally poly!
CCCCCC is a fucking cat. leave her alone you fucking sickos!
Dookiefart is just the sweetest lil sweetums that u ever wanna meet.
Oh yes you are! Whos a good boy!!! WHOSE A FUCKING GOOD BOY
Dinner Min-Maxine is an accomplished south asian graphic designer with a si
deline in minimalist pixel art, which he paints on screens as well as canva
Grandma is your fathers mother and she loves you soooo much that yea maybe
she spoils you a lil bit, but so what you love her anyways! Now commere and
give grandma a big ol kiss!
Gund Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio,
United states. The building is home of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the Natio
nal Basketball Association NBA, the cleveland monsters of the American Ho
HorseInBurger is a sentient horse placed sideways in an extremely large bur
ger. the horse is normal sized so the burger is huge, approximately 10ft ta
by 20ft wide. Horse In Burger is also a teletext artist of some reknowned.
Hoy there Kiddies! Limerick Lizzie here! And ive got some delightful little
limericks for all you tikes! Are ya ready?!! Are ya?!?!
Clop Clop Clop! You know that sound! Its 100 Gluten Free Pony Salad! Hey I
dont know bout you, but when i go to the races, I put all my money on ol
Poney. She sure has all the tricks!
Roman Lipshits is a published poet and accordionist from Canada. He is a
longtime scenester and has spent quite a bit of time on IRC.
Ronald J Peppercorn is a 14 year old classmate of Angelic Amies but they
are NOT FRIENDS. Ronald lives with his mother and her boyfriend Todd, who
he is a huge fan of and hopes to be adopted by. J/K. FUCK YOU TODD.
BoySac is the leader founder of various scene groups, demoscener, ppe coder
sysop of a BBS, VGA pixel artist, ANSI artist, ASCII artist, french singer,
goosebagger, dick grabber, blunt smoker, ivory tickler, kid toucher, gasbag...
zkr3w is actually an entire demoscene crew. They make s3ms on trackers and
compete in compos and im actually going to decline to make this funny so if
you were hoping for that i hope you are sorely disappointed.