members by cthulu
members by cthulu
because politics were really too confusing, we couldnt hope to provide you with
a complete list of mistigris members. the best we could do was show you who the
individuals are who released in this pack it is indicated what they do and what
group they usually release in, if it is not mist and where to get ahold of them
just because you werent on this list doesnt mean that you werent in the
group, and likewise appearing on this list didnt neccessarily mean that
you WERE in the group. just means that these people appeared in this pack.
no one else matters 8
cthulu music lit
esquire / sonic equinox music
geekboy / krap ascii music
haquisaq ansi music
jake blues / 78 music
melodia / digitallusions music
onyx / sonic equinox hirez music lit other
the pope music
quip ansi ascii code music
regan / jad music
silver / net generation music
sylphid music
toto man music
zeromous guest music
arent we all glad we got that all cleared up with?