members and sites by cthulu
members and sites by cthulu
because politics are really too confusing, we cant hope to provide you with
a complete list of mistigris members at this time. the best we can do is
show you who the individuals are who released in this pack it is indicated
what they do and what group they usually release in, if it is not mist and
where to get ahold of them.
just because youre not on this list doesnt mean that youre not in the
group, and likewise appearing on this list doesnt neccessarily mean that
you ARE in the group. just means that these people appeared in this pack.
no one else matters 8
agnostic lit
bast lit
beepy the donut ascii
crowkeeper lit
crystalmeth ascii code
cthulu music lit
cyanide / RCA ansi
dead soul ascii
eoanya lit
esquire / sonic equinox music
etana ansi hirez lit
eto code hirez
the extremist ansi
freaq / sonic equinox hirez
frgnfruz guest ascii
gangreen the bunny mummy guest lit
geekboy / krap ascii music
happyfish ansi other
haquisaq ansi music
hippy lit
the iconoclast ascii
jake blues / 78 music
javist guest ascii
jaZz lit
jive ascii
kitiara / RCA ansi
the knight / fuel ansi
kyo guest hirez
lady blue lit
lord high fixer guest lit
a lying handle lit
magic-elvis lit
melodia / digitallusions music
mrs. warbles guest lit
muton ascii
onyx / sonic equinox hirez music lit other
otnoo ishfoo bbs mod lit
pinguino / fire lit
the pope music
pure voltage ansi hirez
quip ansi ascii code music
raven lit
regan / jad music
silent knight hirez
silver / net generation music
silver angel lit
slut lit
sylphid music
syncr0w hirez
tempo guest hirez
thanatos hirez
theodore nose hair guest lit
tincat ansi
toto man music
ts / teklordz hirez
weird ascii hirez
yohimbe lit
zamfir worshipper lit
zeromous guest music
zinnia kray lit
arent we all glad we got that all cleared up with?
now, in a slightly more enthusiastic vein, here are bulletin boards
affiliated with mistigris. Webpage
The Jade Monkey 604 730-2467 WHQ / Net
C1ty iZ Burning 418 841-3410 CHQ / Net
The Regency USHQ
Harvest Moon 216 951-7059 Twingle HQ / Net
Euphoric Dreamspace 604 946-1584 Old Warez HQ
StupidMop 604 929-8034 North Shore HQ/Net
Atomique 604 298-6993 Music HQ
The Dark Domains 604 469-5851 Member
The Undiscovered Point 604 PRI-VATE Member / Net
Dreams of Dark, Enchanted Lizards 604 299-5191 Member / Net
Entrance to Obscurity 604 525-2767 Member / Net
Neosporin 604 942-9772 Member / Net
Paradoxius 604 931-6984 Member / Net
Crimson Helm 604 465-4247 Member / Net
Sneakers 604 501-2395 Member
The Divine Inferno 604 523-0693 Member
Biproducts 408 372-7712 Site
Power Station 353 041-32568 Site
Out of Order 510 796-5780 Site
Kongo! 714 693-0511 Site
Tantalized Dreams 204 632-0684 Site
204 632-0685
Caffeine. 360 336-5976 Site
Blue Moon +618 8332-3403 Site
Juice 604 522-9797 Net