Atomique by kit/lb/tk/cyan/qp/tc
Atomique by kit/lb/tk/cyan/qp/tc
Mist rCa Productions 1997
Aloneina fieldof shasows,
awaiting this magnificent force
That gives new meaning and value
to aworld with no enlightening resource. For you know all your grand expectations
will be surpased as the pendulum swings
So you wait all alone in the shadows
for all the wonders that Atomique brings
A t o m i q u e !
+o Handiboy
hmmm i guess you want to know who did what..well let me try to get everyone
listed....whole layout by Kitiara, face and chest shaded by The Knight of fuel,
shading of the rest of thr scarecrow by cyanide of rCa, atomique font by
tincat of mist, top font is from a font zip of mist given to us by platz of
mist,poem by ladyblue of rCa/mist, background and finale touchup by now you know it G .....
and a very happy 3rd Anniversary to all mist members
GOOD JOB!!!!!!!