MIST2000 Memberlist by Cthulu, Quip
MIST2000 Memberlist by Cthulu, Quip
mistigris - who?
Contributors to MIST2000.ZIP
Admiral Skuttlebutt - The sole proprietor of the Digitallusions netlabel,
this Atari ST electronic music pioneer composed .MODs like they were going
out of style. Which they were. DGATE.MOD represents their very last
Digitallusions .MOD all subsequent releases were in different formats and
under a new identity
Bast - Better known as one of Mists most iconic poets, Bast also
demonstrated her illustrative talents in this artpack, contributing a page to
the Shakespeares Pen comic and a splendid sketch of Cthulu in a power
suit. In the last 15 years her contributions to the arts have diminished as
she has excelled in the fields of tae kwon do and philosophy of mathematics
-- otherwise put, she is now Professor Ninja.
Brad Morris - The illustrator of most covers of the Kitsilano Ideograph, the
high school newspaper under Cthulus editorial helm, this skilled visual
artist was also brought into the Dream Factory fold, and this artpack
includes promotional artwork for his Rainclouds story found in the first and
only issue of that comic book anthology.
Corinthian - Famously of Dark Illustrated, this talented monochromatic
textmode artists complicated association with Mistigris culminated in his
participation in the highly peculiar round of Eat Poop You Cat enshrined
Crowkeeper - Even in a distant and bygone age, Crowkeeper was a man of a
distant and bygone age. Master of the minimalist Elizabethan turn of phrase,
still in this early period you could see his reorientation in a William Adams
direction. In this artpack we feature several of his poems, and he as well
was duped into participating in the Shakespeares Pen comic -- more
justifiably than most!
Crystal Lattice - Cohort of his FuzzNet pal Sylphid, this individuals sole
contribution to the Mistigris canon is a minor bit in the round of EPYC
contained in this artpack -- but to elevate ourselves through association
with successful and influential people, we needed to give him a write-up all
his own here.
Cthulu - Jack of all trades, master of none this all happened because I
really wanted it to, and kept wanting until that intention was manifested.
Note: contents may take 16 years to fully manifest, after your wants have
changed and matured somewhat.
reluctance.livejournal.com / pixelpompeii.blogspot.com / @unwashedmass
Dead Soul - A man of many talents, Dead Soul was one of the very few
Mistigris members to remain active in the artscene following our descent into
torpor, last seen ascending through the ranks of upper-echelon groups before,
presumably, breaking free to greatness. Now MIA.
Delire Afar - Most distinguished as a writer excelling beneath the most
burdensome of minimalist constraints, as demonstrated in this seemingly
throwaway round of Eat Poop You Cat she has a creative mind that never stops
Dracomage - First located in poetry in the EFNet of all places, DM made his
mark on Mist making works of high-resolution visual artwork and tracked
techno music. This artpack contains one final specimen of the latter.
Eoanya - Occasionally crossing paths with Mistigris as a writer of poems and
articles for the Kithe e-mag, since the end of the 20th century she has
graduated to the full status of Published Author.
joannakaraplis.com / @jokaraplis
Etana - Writer, artist, and animator, Etana has remained wholly immersed in
the arts on a daily basis since the dusk of the artscene, hammering out her
own scene with keyframeonline.com
tiltedwindmills.com / @athenacooper
Ewerx - Ewerx got in, made a big splash, then went MIA to be fair, from their
perspective we were probably the ones who went MIA and was never heard from
again. From the looks of things, they have probably escaped the wheel of
suffering entirely through the seventh chakra.
Flyingfish - Her Casa Del Sol song lyrics long featured in Mistigris packs,
finally you have a chance to hear what the songs were supposed to sound like.
Gary R. Hudson - Illustrator of Virgins NOT Required in Dream Factory 1,
this has been our only point of interaction with him and if we wanted to say
anything else about him, it would be pure confabulation -- which can be fun,
but which we dont have time for at the moment.
Geekboy - An artscene late bloomer, he bided his time and developed his
skills from the Krap days all the way to the final days of Mist denying him
his chance to finally flower on the main stage in full command of his
creative abilities was always one of our chiefest regrets with Mists abrupt
cessation of operations.
Happyfish - Possessed of a playful and impish mind, of all Mists alumni
Happyfish can most be described as marching to the beat of her own drum -- or
in her case, her own banjola. You can get an earful of her filk at any of a
number of cons.
brookeabbey.com / @hsifyppah
Haquisaq - Fed up with working around the limitations and relying on the lazy
crutches of sample use, Haquisaq ascended to a being of pure chiptune
sequencing, and as Bryface is an international star in that scene.
bryface.bandcamp.com / soundcloud.com/bryface / @bryfacetron
Heretic - In addition to being the prime mover at oOze e-mag, Heretic was
also the architect of the demoscene code by which scene members could boil
down all of their salient personal details into a brief hash:
Heyoka - Pinhole camera photographer and weightlifting champion, like Bast
Heyoka is a testament to a healthy mix of interests and hobbies.
The Hitman - Many thanks to The Hitman of PMA for his guest music submission
to this collection. Random one-off IRC connections from the last century:
not much context to report.
Ice Cream Emperor - If I stopped being such a dilettante and got serious
about making art, I might look more like my old friend Ice Cream Emperor.
His output has been sparse, but every piece of it is of unrivalled intensity.
King Arthur - The whole of Mistigris legacy from our merger with Fire in
March 1995, KA or / as he styled himself continued sending us tracked
music, on and off, beyond the point at which Mistigris and even the revived
Fire had both closed up shop. Some of it he even composed himself!
Kyo - Hawaiis legendary loose cannon sporadically graced us with bonus
artwork -- nothing that could be planned around, but more like icing on a
cake -- or sprinkles if it turned out the cake had already been iced. Here
was his final gift to us.
Lady Blue - A rare breed in the artscene, seemingly a immigrant from an
earlier online community perhaps Compuserve?, LB joined us from RCA with a
handy talent in two underappreciated mediums -- RIPscrip and poetry. A rock
in turbulent times, we bucked the trend by jilting her when we reached the
end of the road. Despite her obvious talents, she doesnt appear to have
continued releasing work after being denied the outlet of Mistigris, and the
trail runs cold leaving her missing in action.
The Laughing Fool - One third of the team behind the famously unreleased
e-mag Concrete, he had no time for the artscene per se, but would happily
follow the path of art as long as it promised to deliver him into good
times. Not only is he the only person Ive ever met who managed to rip out
the palms of his hands at a poetry reading, but in the subsequent ambulance
ride he somehow determined that his paramedic was also a Linux sysadmin.
Lllucid - All of this mans art school projects involved the design and
construction of monster bikes as befits a man whose married surname became,
legally, Bicycle, while all of his recreational art featured alligators
and hot dogs. Somehow, his iconic contribution to the Shakespeares Pen
comic managed to dodge all of these bullets, and that goes double for his
friend Brian, the engineer of the Soapfrog mythos.
Maeve Wolf - Dropping art on Mistigris when our orbits came into conjunction,
the vanguard of our antipodean contingent has pulled off an extraordinary
second act, and has continued making art ever since these salad days went in
the compost.
mega! - A hearty thanks must be extended to the artist known only as mega!,
whose ASCII logo despite being found not suitable for use when initially
submitted has ended up being employed as a FILEID.DIZ no less than three
times in the past calendar year. Nothing further is known or remembered of
them their impact on Mists past was negligible, but apparently their
absentee impact on Mists present remains substantial!
Melodia - Melodia doesnt need an artgroup, she is an artgroup. One more
case of the parade continuing after the band stopped playing, courtesy of the
bottomless music in her head she kept on keeping on -- and indeed, has never
stopped. We are humbled by her continuing association with us, as to her,
all we have to offer is drag factor!
soundcloud.com/empressplay / @empressplay
Obsidian Zero - If the entire memberlist was trimmed to include only the
previous entry and this one, the artpack that you have before you would
mostly look exactly the same -- Melodia and this artist formerly known as Onyx
were machines! And not just metaphorical ones -- Ozeros total conversion is
well underway! Compelled to focus on a single discipline rather than being
hugely prolific in three, these days he fills Amazon with his ebooks.
ozero.ca / @ozero1
Opium - Say what you will, her Beef Snakes comic strip is if nothing else
uncompromising in its artistic vision.
Otnoo Ishphoo - TABNets last bastard standing, this individuals
delightfully polymorphically perverse brain expressed its endless creativity
in endless forms. As the 20th century drew to a close and the 21st ripens,
the sense he focuses on appealing to seems to have settled on the ears.
Pannekoekologist - A silent partner underwriting many foolish and eminently
worthwhile ventures with goading and occasional direct support.
Quip - Many diamonds in the rough cut their faces in Mistigris before
dazzling the masses, but for advancement in all metrics through everything he
tried his hand at, none wanted it as badly as Quip, who in a disciplined
fashion forged himself into a self-made man of the scene, then found he
didnt need it to continue being who he wanted to be.
Retribution - Retribution has released ANSI art all over, nearly continuously
since the 90s heyday of the ANSI art scene, but Mistigris is the only
artgroup in which he has ever released his poetry.
Sentience - On hiatus from making music, he was equally apt at expressing
himself in virtually every other medium, to this day captivating audiences at
the Vancouver Story Slam. Here he has reworked a Mistigris ANSI art
promotional piece originally by Etana, rendering it into a considerably
higher resolution.
Silent Knight - Chief architect of the Dream Factory comic book anthology, SK
could once in a while be tricked into playing Eat Poop You Cat.
Skrubly - A deft hand at bespoke works of short fiction, Skrubly was a highly
improbable Blender champion, winning with his quick thinking a higher
readership than likely any other writer in the artscene for his substantial
pieces. We missed him during the Blender revival of April 2015, where
another followed the trail Skrubly blazed and took home first prize with a
Spirit Wolf - Occasionally appearing in classic Mistigris artpacks, the
author of Virgins NOT Required appears for once in a fully authorized and
approved fashion.
Sylphid - Onetime SysOp of The Fuzzy Doorknob, this man made computer music
and programmed for us an incredible engine for making e-mags, MAGnum, of
which no trace remains. He also is represented here through nominal
participation in one fateful round of Eat Poop You Cat.
Talonswift - Arguably the most virtuoso of all classic Mistigris members to
never release artwork in a classic Mistigris artpack, he went on to be a
founding member of the Life Drawing Cartel and enjoyed a turbulent political
Voi the Analogue Cat - Former SysOp of the Amiga BBS Transient Lunacy, Adri
here contributes a standout recording off of her 2009 album Morning Glow.
adrianelake.com / @adrianelake
Weird - Having cultivated an unmistakable and unique style in her early
years, this all went out the window in the service of a long career through
the 604s game development houses modeling and texturing environments. Her
appearance here thus represents the very last of her juvenilia.
distribution sites
pc.textmod.es/crew/mistigris/ has been good to us
sixteencolors.net got the ball rolling
artpacks.org has a nifty app, so thats something
Weve been told that our work ought to be mirrored over at pouet and scene.org aand the other demoscene archives were inclined to agree -- it SHOULD be --
but the path forward to doing so is never clear.
-quip mistigris - 20 years
of funk