MIST1320 infofile by Cthulu
MIST1320 infofile by Cthulu
TV Guide evening listings for Thursday, December 31st, 2020:
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CBS DallasA-Team CHiPs Gong Show Muppet Show
NBC Matlock M*A*S*H 90210 X-Files V Alf
CBC Alf Oz E! NFL CFL Sliders NHL
FOX NBA House VIP VIP Baywatch SNL
TLC CFL V DS9 Kojak Star Trek Ct
Greetings, and welcome to 2020s bonus Mistigris artpack as if this year
hadnt heaped enough indignities upon you!, once again revisiting the theme
of the small screen... the boob tube... the idiot box... which you may have
all been binging on over the course of this past years Coronavirus lockdowns.
Whore you calling an id... Revisiting? What is this, reruns again? Honey,
wheres the clicker?
Here in the infofile we usually like to emphasise some interesting or
extraordinary aspects of the collection... dont blame Odd for the frankly
bizarre FILEID.DIZ art, it was merely an execution of an old TV trope the
newscaster whos pantsless under the desk suggested by Cthulu, who couldnt
bear the thought of a third television-themed artpack represented in its DIZ
once more by a television set. Because surely if theres one topic
emblematic of fresh thinking and creative approaches, its TV, right?
Info... infomercial!? Was my show pre-empted for the Slap Chop again?
While our MIST0718 artpack stressed programming for adults and MIST0719 had a
focus on shows for kids, this collection jumbles them all together. Partly we
hadnt yet accumulated equivalent mounds of computer art on the same sub-
themes, and partly were in a rush to get said mounds out the door so we can
go into 2021 with a firmer commitment to fresh art minted by involved
contributors. So of the art you see in this pack, while it never has been
collected and shared with the underground computer artscene, it could be
considered... previously taped in front of a live studio audience.
Im not gonna watch this... but yknow what, lemme tape it on the VCR, maybe I
can make some sense of it later!
Conspicuously not represented here is the special teletext project weve had
simmering since our comics artpack in July of 2020 the collaborative tribute
to Digitizers renowned Turner the Worm is nearly out the door, but still a
couple of screens behind, as of press time. Stay tuned on social media for
If you get word in time, please feel free to join us on LDAs networked
Moebius ANSI art server at completelynonintegrable.ca pw: mistifunk for a
riotous all-star collaborative computer art session on New Years Eve, and/or
do please check out the Blender improvised art competition were again hosting
the weekend of January 16th, elapsing in blender on the EFNet IRC. Somewhere
in the muddle, we should be sending off our final batch of virtuous slush with
another music-themed artpack sometime in January -- but if you wanted to liven
it up with a guest contribution that wasnt canned, it would be most welcome!
After that, our plan is to give everybody a much-deserved break from our
incessant release schedule, which has been slightly-more-than-monthly since
September of 2016. Well be reorganising, undertaking some housecleaning,
putting some time and energy into some non-artpack projects and ... well, you
cant miss us if we never go away!
With that in mind, please enjoy MIST1320! Its one of the last of the clips
show artpacks. Our next season -- if renewed -- may be considerably