MIST1319 infofile by Talonswift, Cthulu&c
MIST1319 infofile by Talonswift, Cthulu&c
On le mange.
Oh, wow! Everyone and their mom just dropped amazing artpacks over the last
couple of days, and here we are repeating a dopey trick for the second time in
a row -- surprise, thirteen artpacks in a single calendar year! Who does that?
The problem with our formulated slushpile technique of curating artpacks is
that we wind up with interesting themes that accumulate content very slowly,
ultimately lapped by more compelling subjects from different aspects of pop
culture. But these little bonus end-of-year boutique artpacks give us a chance
to vent worthwhile creations on curious topics that might never rate full
releases of their own.
Last year, it was self-portraits. This year... our namesake: cats. And thanks
to the film adaptation of the stage musical, there may never be a better time
to unleash this batch of furry, four-footed art! Our energy, however, may be
less frequently described as horny. As the story has it, we pulled the word
Mistigris straight out of a dictionary, with a definition describing a card
game variant of poker. But the missing connective tissue between the card game
and the tinned cat food, depicted above in its original form for the first time
in over 20 years after being shared in an adulterated form in 1999 with our
mock Mistigris World Tour stop with The Project but I digress is that the
card game was named after the French alleycat. Did someone say Alleycat?
Picrotoxin has fulfilled a lifetime ambition and ANSIfied some of its elegant
sprites. In this artpack you will also find a whole array of felines, famous
and obscure, and you know what? None of them gaf.
... on which note, lets wrap up this superfluous 13th infofile of the year.
Thanks to all our participants over our bustling 2019, greetings to all of our
colleagues out there in computer art-land, and never forget the important words
of the profound cat prophet B. Kliban: never eat anything bigger than your
Thanks to Picrotoxin for starting the FILEID.DIZ, thanks to LDA for finishing
it up, and thanks to Smooth for icing the cake! See you all in 2020!