Where we are? by Cthulu and Sentience
Where we are? by Cthulu and Sentience
Sentience in 96
Its the
Im high on life and Ive got bugs i
n my pants
schoolof shading...
So, you couldnt find us during the month of November.
That is to be
expected considering that the group we were going to release wi
th, Ophidiac,
died sometime near the beginning of the month. Hey, those disc
laimers actually
do mean something.
Nevertheless, we refused to let a little thing like rigor m
ortis stop us,
so, carring hardily onward, we can be found with anoth
er group this month.
Looking at the poem and the picture, you get three guesse
s, and the first
two dont count.
cthulu - aha not this month...