MIST1221 infofile by Cthulu / CoaXCable
MIST1221 infofile by Cthulu / CoaXCable
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Release 103
Rls Date Dec/21/21
Before I kick things off here Id just like to greet and welcome all the home
viewers who just stumbled across our new artpack on 16colo.rs and are finding
themselves confused by the sudden appearance of this new Mistigris crew,
seemingly emerging fully-formed onto the New Releases timeline. Were very
glad to make your acquaintance and encourage you to follow us as mistfunk
on social media to keep up with our activities. Its just such a thrill to be
Its been a wild year for Mistigris, shifting gears after our art sourcing,
sorting, packaging and distribution algorithms went haywire and deluged the
underground computer artscene beneath relentless monthly waves of slushy grey
goo its a classic SF apocalypse scenario, look it up for some four and a
half years. I hope youve all just about toweled yourselves off due to some
inflexibility at the head of our organization, it took some time for us to
change direction but we feel were about done making that particular set of
mistakes and are all ready to make exciting new mistakes. But here we are,
less than a week from Christmas, and here I am discussing apocalypse
scenarios. Not very seasonal of me, and at this time of year, on the
threshold of a staggering fifth wave of the Omicron variant of COVID-19...
OK, actually, you know what, lets bring back the grey goo!
This is the part of the newsletter where I usually shine the spotlight on new
contributors appearing here for the first time and guest stars lending us a
little credibility with their own special magic. However... well, when I was
writing this newsletter this afternoon, we didnt have any. But happily for
this paragraph, my colleague Warpus of the Blender and a very recent Lazarus
release swooped in at the last minute with a moody guest contribution
reminiscent of solstice celebrations of pagan times, a great thematic fit to
accompany Melodias track Satans Claws. Other extraordinary materials in
this collection include another run of short-notice thematic ANSI pattern
adaptations by DW of Dark Systems BBS and a wild suite of minimalist seasonal
screens minted by LDA in a marathon of sorts as the pack approached the
finish line, pushing us over the top, textiness-wise, for the first time...
anyone can recall. I also have contrarily composed ANSI art tributes to the
non-ANSI art that you can so often find so much of in Mistigris artpacks --
seasonal work in the style of pixelart in the teletext, cross-stitch and Lego
mosaic mediums. I dont think anyone will like them any more this way, but
their textiness is indisputable! So its not all Krampus and no Santa, I also
undertook to adapt, with some assistance, a couple of movie posters
celebrating classic Christmas films. Check em out!
Thanks to CoaXCable for the festive and seasonal FILEID.DIZ iconography,
marking his first appearance in a Mist pack since July ... actually, thats
pretty much the time most crews take between artpack releases, but take my
word for it, he had other matters come up and demand his attention for a
couple of Mist packs there. Were glad to see hes back in the fray however!
When can you expect the next Mist pack? Who knows?! We skipped our own
anniversary in pursuit of vaporware projects and who knows, we might pursue a
couple more of them in the vaunted Mistfunk Skunkworks. But well see you in
the New Year -- there are a Blender or two ahead in the near future, and who
knows what other kind of special programming we might be able to come up with.
Recent experience suggests: many, many rounds of Eat Poop You Cat at the
Mistfunk Discord. We may not even be strangers to the 16c New Releases going
forward, its a new year and anything is possible! Catch you in cyberspace!
Mistigris 2021: all ready to make exciting new mistakes!