MIST1220 newsletter by Cthulu and CoaXCable
MIST1220 newsletter by Cthulu and CoaXCable
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Pack no: 12/2020
: : Rls Date: 22/12/2020
Congratulations, everyone! While the years not quite over yet, if youre
reading this in late December 2020, the odds are very good that youre going
to make it through the end of this uniquely challenging year! There have been
many hazards to field over the past 12 months -- was it really just at the
start of this year that Australia was being ravaged by unstoppable wildfires?
were the giant murder hornets ever really a thing? -- but despite the chilling
prospects of civil unrest, roving gangs of right-wing militias and general
hints of societal breakdown, the big killer of the year was of course the
Coronavirus, who true to its name takes the crown. At least two Mistigris
contributors were laid low by this infection this year, and it looks like one
of them might have caught it twice! It doesnt look like it slowed down
their art production, but maybe thats just them coasting on feverish inertia,
its hard to tell.
So anyway, here we are rapidly approaching the end of the year. It was a
December when we first realised wed be going monthly in 2017, after
subdividing the scary Halloween art from the mound wed managed to accumulate
over a year, then noticing that Horsenburger was boldly plugging away at a
seasonal teletext screen daily and often more frequently than that! like
some human advent calendar, dispensing blocky art instead of waxy chocolate.
Hes somehow managed to climb off that tiger, after years at its mercy --
instead it seems hes drawing Mandalorian scenes daily, and perhaps well
share some of them with you in a SF artpack in May of 2021. In the meantime
weve got a rather lean Mistigris artpack for you, a measurement tempered when
noticing that the slimmest Mistigris artpack in a given year will still
typically contain more files than virtually any other release by any other
underground computer art crew... but its pointless to make an apples to
oranges comparison like that. What we can offer in this collection is a
return visit from occasional guests Hayn9, Rhoq and TekstTVDK, those first
two demonstrating their stuff in a triumphant specimen of Polyducks Textmode
Friends networked Moebius ANSI art jams, a surprisingly resilient variety of
icing that has been found gracing our cakes regularly for half a year now!
Thanks to CoaXCable for providing the FILEID.DIZ
and infofile art this time around! The
relatively tame specimen we wound up with only
arrived very late in an attempt to emulate a
notorious writing in the snow cover of MAD
Magazine from March of 1984. Cthulu here, allow
him to demonstrate was really trying to
explore a new angle in seasonal typographical
themes, but it turns out some ideas have been
left fallow in the interest of good taste.
His wife, finding the explanation to her inquiry
What are you doing? to raise more questions
than it answered, bemoaned the lost opportunity
:, to style the logo misti-pee. Nonsense!
Pistigris scans far better! Perhaps well
! investigate this matter in greater depth in April
.: It just goes to show theres no need for
! Mistergirls in this scene, as no one can more
effectively parody us than we do ourselves.
Not yet complete by pack release, but well on track to be done by New Years,
keep your eyes open on social media for a few dozen screens constituting an
all-star teletext celebration of Digitiser icon Turner the Worm, as he travels
back in time from doomed 2020 and tries to change history! Other recent works
also not appearing in this collection are some well worthwhile experimental
games by MigMoog, whose very seasonal snowball fight strategic simulator can
be played at migmoog.itch.io/snowb4ll, and Polyducks, whose distinctly un-
seasonal exercise in textmode horror can be enjoyed via
Our next artpack collection should be another tribute to an activity to an
escapist activity that people presumably indulged in excessively over lockdown
2020, television shows and short-form serial streaming shows, and in the new
year we have another celebration of the world of music coming up - all that plusanother Blender compo coming up the weekend of January 16th.
. 2021 will very likely see an end to our unprecedented
. wild spree of monthly artpack releases, in their
place leaving us a little room to undertake some other
. . . interesting projects that the monthly artpack
: grind hasnt allowed us the schedule space to explore.
We have e-mags to write and games to make and
frontiers to explore. . :
. + Well, lets get to it, shall we? Cthulu