MIST1216 infofile by ldb and Cthulu
MIST1216 infofile by ldb and Cthulu
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This Mistigris artpack was never intended or planned for. Its... well,
the story of its inception is a bit of a shaggy dog one. Sept 19 of this year
we officially released 1999, a music disk of .XMs composed by Melodia in
said year, since thought lost forever in a hard drive crash and then-recently
rediscovered on a backup data CD in storage at her parents house. Along with
other such period pieces, one of the tunes in the collection was a percussion-
enhanced remix of an Enya arrangement of Silent Night. Because: thus was
the 90s. Peering into my crystal ball, and looking back to our tradition of
minor seasonal releases around this time of year, I set that one aside so wed
have a little something to release to toast the occasion when it came around.
September progressed into October, when we did what we should have done
the year before and compartmentalised our big annual artpack directory into
two parts, skimming off the scary stuff and releasing it as a Halloween
artpack. The big annual artpack duties then devolved upon November. And
suddenly -- December was upon us like a pack of moonlit ice weasels! We had
this song and ... was there anything we could use to spice it up for an
audio/visual presentation, as with December 2015s series of videos for our
2015 remastering of Melodias 1994 Bells of Yule suite? Wed exhausted the
artscene vaults of holiday artwork for that one, but fortunately in the
meantime wed acquired an ace card up our sleeve: since then, wed met
Horsenburger. This prolific teletext mastermind was steamrolling ahead with
a daily teletext advent calendar project in December, so that gave us a
couple of dozen images to work with. Furthermore, we discovered and secured
permission to use the winterized Commodore 64 video game screenshots of
@C64endings, which put more wind in our sails. A couple of participants
from the vigorous new Atari ST art collective STatariRT showed interest in
taking part, giving the presentation a nicely rounded retrocomputing scope
with teletext and C64 already fingered, plus Melodias Frankensteining some
old Apple Xmas demos through the 3D-pixel display of her Octalyzer and
defying all odds... even a couple of Mistigris members came up with materials
for us to include in the multimedia slideshow. Not the ones Id expected,
but what the hey -- surprises grant extra delight by weight!
Of course, a video is an ephemeral phenomenon of sorts, and each of the
splendid assets wed employed in the video was only granted a couple of
seconds of screen time -- but might warrant closer viewing. Also, while I
amassed visuals for the one song, Melodia compounded my troubles well, its
a nice problem to have! by throwing in three additional songs. Clearly I
couldnt use songs to elaborate upon songs -- down that path lies the madness
of the mise en abyme -- so an artpack was the proper way to address all these
concerns. Additionally, some participating artists, having sent a little
holiday art our way, revealed that they had a little more of it to release,
too late in the game to include in the music video. Well sure, throw it all
And here we are. he says, as though he didnt just throw together
another, entirely unrelated Mistigris video commemorating the death of George
Michael, go check it out! I dont want make the committing statement to keep
your eyes open for a January artpack out of us already, three consecutive
months of artpacks from Mist is setting some kind of record but I will
disclaim that from this vantage point it is looking like a distinct
possibility. So stay tuned!
December 29 - Cthulu, Mistigris founder:
Mistigris 2016: Well sure, throw it all in!
Dec 29! Off to the wood chipper with this old tree!
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