What's going on? by Cthulu / Sentience
What's going on? by Cthulu / Sentience
Sentience in 96
Its the
Im on drugs and I havent the slightest id
ea what Im doing
schoolof shading...
Hello, and greetings to all of our loyal fans. PR asi
de, you may have
noticed that this pack is a bit, well, small, especially compar
ed to Octobers
three-disk extravaganza available off of our web page
and on respected FTP
sites everywhere. And what of our regular features? Kithe?
A memberlist,
even? I can almost already hear the hordes of irate fans beati
ng down my back
door chanting And where has the Mistigris lit gone!?
Let us look at the contents of this archive. Notably -
one piece of
high-resolution artwork, containing a picture and a poem. Well
, if you are
truly curious, you should be able to find us where the mixed me
dia indicate,
barring premature deaths or unfriendly natives. If we are bein
g obscure, it is
intentional, and regrettably your only clues to our wh
ereabouts will be
contained in these minimal Mistigris releases every month. If
you cant find
us this month, we may be in a more prominent position next mont
h so you can
calculate our appearancse retroactively.
Good luck searching, and rest assured - even if you don
t actively
look for us, anyone with a halfharted interest in the scene sho
uld stumble upon
us once every few months or so.
cthulu - ophidiac