MIST1021 infofile by Cthulu / LDA
MIST1021 infofile by Cthulu / LDA
the unresolved business
of unruly and restless spirits:
tied through powerful, invisible bonds of intense psychic trauma to a location
or situation to which you no longer belong, able to observe the activity of
your onetime friends and colleagues but powerless to make your appearance
perceived by them or to move them in any way... the living death, an
inescapable punishment resulting from the unavoidable way you conducted your
affairs among the living, is no less torture than to the sleep paralytic
silently suffocated beneath the tantalising weight of a tormenting succubus or
an unfortunate soul, awakened from uneasy dreams to discover themselves encased
in a coffin, buried beneath six feet of loam, their screaming curses and
protests inaudible to the world that continues as usual above them.
But enough about the 16colo.rs frontpage, how are you doing this month? Its
been a busy pandemic year 2, just squeaking out our recent video games-themed
MIST0921 artpack in the closing minutes of September, then hosting a Blender
compo between then and now, venting our collection of the creepy a few mere
weeks later. Once you sunset a monthly schedule, rapid response is trickier
to pull off because its no longer baked into the routine. But somehow, we
managed to do it nonetheless, due to our strong belief that you can make a
bigger impact with art in the Halloween vein in the lead-up to the holiday
rather than after Christmas decorations are in all the stores, where they
appear at around 8:30 pm on the evening of October 31st.
Weve got a merry Mistpack welcome which in October usually involves
blindfolds and bowls of cold spaghetti and peeled grapes to the astounding
ASCII art talents of Adel Faure and vermileonhart and the supreme PETSCII
command of bnjmnbrgmn and Frida Katarina. Adels been in our sphere for a few
months now but this has just been his first opportunity to represent in tandem
with our theme... vermileonhart we only just stumbled upon over the past
couple of weeks, but were clearly on the same wavelength. bnjmnbrgmn
actually drew most of these Lovecraft homages a year ago, but his unambiguous
authorization for us to include them in our Halloween artpack only arrived...
a couple of days after last years artpack already launched -- so they
provided a strong foundation for this collection to start on! And as for
Frida, she is just making a cameo guest appearance, but her work is always
well worth checking out... and who knows, perhaps well be fortunate enough to
feature more of her work going forward!
Eyes open also for bold returns to form by Chuppixel, Grymmjack and Lobo, as
well as what might prove to be the swan song of Godfather, who recently found
he had to withdraw from cyberspace under vague circumstances. We all wish him
all the best! And I personally would advise him to keep away from oranges.
A big thanks to our purveyors of this collections eerie iconography --
littlebitspace giving up suitably grim FILEID.DIZ imagery, ldb adorning our
memberlist with the last of her seasonal loose ends, and LDA assisting Cthulu
with the header to this very file... Cthu as you can see wasnt actually quite
done with the video games theme yet, which can, if you are dedicated, manage
to be worked in to just about any other theme.
There are, of course, more releases ahead. We may not be able to do our
initial November anniversary concept justice, so it may be postponed until
such a time as we can do it right, but regardless, we couldnt stop our crew
of artists from making art even if we wanted to I know, that would be very
confusing -- we are not Yahoo!, we do not aggregate talent in order to
suppress it, so naturally we look forward to sharing more of what theyve got
with you, our presumably perpetually confused audience. Until then, please
enjoy our tricks and, hopefully, at least a few treats.