Tremors by Crowkeeper
Tremors by Crowkeeper
Sep 9
Of a ringing
Vascular spheres
And mealy
Aug 14
Nightly beasts.
Unseen presence
Hints at pomander
Perfumd fences
Against infection.
Scent undone
With the dawn-tide.
Aug 9
From where they
Whisper and long.
Making sinews meek.
Jul 30
Lace and terror.
Her bridal-gown
A sluggish
Alien tide.
Tugging otherwhere
Jul 24
Is for the hungry.
Whispers mingle
Through nameless meats
In tall canopic-jars.
Jul 12
Addle-pated and pernicious.
Pesty moth-plumed miniscule
Bar the way to the winged
For Light is Death.
Jun 17
Quantum spectres
Lambent from star-bright
To pitchy cosmic bone.
May 21
No graver iniquity
No more fathomless sin.
Than to rub the brass of broken coins
Into her skin.
Apr 28
She is as pale as the first incarnation.
The one discarded.
The one most fearful to apprehend.
Apr 22
Seeps down.
Bubbles up.
Apr 12
Wherein some far deep tide,
What inhuman conclave lays claim our
Bones, long pressed to brittle coal.
Apr 6
Fatted calves.
A banal, bleak evil renders.
Quarters and Halves.
Apr 1
Rubious strings sing copper-chords.
Riparian, the blood between her teeth.
Still warm from the wounding.
Mar 10
I passed a man.
He wasnt human.
Mar 6
Rattle-tooth to tooth.
Unleaf and leak Old Night into
Those bone-hollows.
Cold syrup.
Damn the Dawn.
Feb 15
Skin is betrayal.
Flesh, a falling-off.
Mutinous membranes.