MIST1015 Member List by Sudden Death, enzO,
MIST1015 Member List by Sudden Death, enzO,
Alexander Bell: These paintings are from a series of images that combine the
virtualization/digitalisation of all things, represented by the hard,
anachronistic ascii art style which I harvest from my youthful days as a BBS
SysOp, with the organic, lavish, loose, richly-coloured brush strokes that
dont deny their traditional European heritage or their loose Japanese Zen
brush stroke influence. Through the juxtaposition of hard mechanical
reproduction techniques and the pushed traditional brushwork I hope to
create not only aesthetically impressive works but also to encourage the
viewers mind to stray towards questions of the self in the context of our
modern digital age.
I have always been struck by the masters artful use of what the eye doesnt
perceive. What appears to be a disparate gathering of brush strokes from up
close, can express all the subtlety of a jealous lovers eye when seen from
afar. Using the ascii art style, which creates an image primarily by the
effect of optical blending, is a tip of my hat to the delicate slight of
hand employed by artists as diverse as Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Georges
alexanderbell.ca / bellart.ca / fiveswallows.com
Andrea Schmidt occasionally aka iooi makes lively abstract paintings and
mixed media artworks. Re: The World Is Square Today, I seem to recall
squishing acrylic paint in globs through some regular screen door onto paper
for fun, a regular DIY pixel art aesthetic! She lives and works in London,
Ontario Canada.
Andreas Jansson -- I used to love opening floppy disks just to see what was
in there, playing on my Amiga in the middle of the Swedish forest. This was
before the Internet, so someone putting a couple of sample drawings for a
paint program on the disk was about as much fun as you could have. I guess
its like when people a couple generations ago used to open up radios,
except here were pictures and sounds and not just bolts and wires. A friend
a few years older gave me a huge box of floppies, many unmarked, because he
didnt want his Christian mom to see what was on them -- games, music
programs, demos, some porn, and disks with just random stuff on them. Its
funny how I miss that time when there was no curation, no personalization,
just a random jumble so different to Netflix and all those other clean
streamlined apps on the internet now.
I remember one floppy that, when you put it into the computer, played a five
second video loop of someone getting their head blown off. I dont think
its the grim imagery that made me remember it, but the fact that it played
a pixelated full screen animation, on the computer... amazing! The concept
of your art pack invoked some of those feelings again.
Im not very interesting. Im a software engineer in New York, and Im also
doing a part-time PhD in music information retrieval at City Uni in London.
I have a little music/digital art studio in Queens where I try to spend as
much time as I can. But really I just want to throw away all my computers
and move back to the forest and grow potatoes and write music.
Brad Dunn has long been known in Seattles underground music circles as a
brilliant songwriter, creating masterpieces of brooding pop music. His
sound is somehow timeless, with echos from Ennio Morricone to Sonic Youth,
and yet completely his own, with a certain weariness and, at the same time,
a playful energy that cant be denied.
reverbnation.com/braddunn / soundcloud.com/braddunn
Brady Ciel Marks is an artist who works with technology and against
technological thinking. Her solo projects are characterized as questioning
impending cultural forces, such as surveillance, remediation and
technological determinism, offering the audience to step sidewards and view
these forces with greater freedom.
She holds a M.Sc. in Interactive Arts from Simon Fraser University SFU,
hosts a monthly sound art radio show, plays music in a the Vancouver
Electronic Ensemble, and DJs regularly.
no. obj Computing of a machine, system, or software fail suddenly:
the project was postponed because the computer crashed.
Crash is a byte-for-byte analog of my Netscape Internet Browsers internal stateafter crashing in 1999. Each greyscale dot is one byte of memory of the
Netscape app, frozen in time as it crashed.
Printed out large 34x34, sandwiched between 2 layers of plexiglass it has
been hanging on walls for these past years and its geological depth has
sustained my interest long after the initial moment of frustration that called mmy attention to its failure/success.
You are welcome to repurpose this digital artifact for your interests.
Cat Catbones Spencer was making canvases of bodies well before setting ACiD
on fire, synthesizing lowbrow tattoo flash with Photoshops ability to scan
natural textures and simulate an airbrush. Then, the scene settling into
dormancy, he resumed his quiet craft with the needle and occasional
animated Android wallpaper.
Claire Roberts is a multi-disciplinary thing-doer, using dance, fire, voice
for play in creative communities, and makes a living in the games industry
as a 3D artist. Its Like A Collage is Claires first-ever attempt at
multi-track audio recording by recording all 12 tracks in realtime, using NO
looping software.
Creideiki -- Blazing the trail through which Cthulu followed into the
computer artscene underground, he then grew distracted by other pursuits
completely, barring a brief cameo appearance in the lost 11 e-mag, until
rejoining his childhood chum to host the 57 Varieties open stage series and
spearhead the performance poetry showcase Thats My Brain... and youre
Even in a distant and bygone age, Crowkeeper was a man of a distant and
bygone age. Master of the minimalist Elizabethan turn of phrase, his spare
artfulness has translated naturally to the medium of Twitter.
@crowkeep / scarrow.deviantart.com
Cthulu -- The grand tragedy of senior staff syndrome is how facilitation of
reasons to create and opportunities to disseminate the creative work of
others is a far more efficient use of time, pound for pound, than
implementing ones own artwork. He has several interesting pieces that were
intended to appear in MIST1014 and were going to definitely be wrapped up in
time for this years artpack... Oh well, at least you get to hear him sing
and play accordion on Dead Mans Pants! Also his band The Creaking Planks
demonstrate an unused jingle intended for use in the mobile CCG Afterland.
reluctance.livejournal.com / pixelpompeii.blogspot.com / @unwashedmass
Michael G. Cooke, formerly composing as DJ Lizard but now known as higrayed,
managed to find his way around Impulse Tracker in some isolation without
ever achieving group membership. Without violating that eternal constant,
we are pleased to offer here a selection of his historic compositions.
Bonus song trivia:
DJL-CHASEX.IT - This extended version of Astral Chase was created by
audience request in 2000 and remains his most popular and most downloaded
song to the present day.
DJL-HARMONY.IT - If you listen carefully, you will notice that the song is
entirely composed using only one sine wave sample extra instruments were
fudged using Impulse Tracker features and envelopes, but theyre really just
basic boring sine waves.
DJL-WTFIS.IT - Experimental mess from 2000 that gets higher in quality stops
being distorted, that is as it builds. Things are encoded in the titles of
the samples, but hes not at liberty to divulge any of its secrets, or hed
have to kill you.
soundcloud.com/higrayed @higrayed facebook.com/higrayed DjLizard.net
Dubaiwalla -- A man of the world, he has recently decided to begin paying
closer attention to the endless buffet served up to his eyes and take up
Duncan Shields aka skonenblades -- slam master, Bully survivor, boylesque
titan, Legend of Bonefish alumnus: he can safely be described as living the
@bigtallduncan / 365tomorrows.com/duncan-shields/
Emily Suzanne Shapiro is an amazing and versatile experimental woodwind
performer whose creative and playful mind inadvertently resulted in the
casual creation of the poem we share with you here.
Luciano enzO Ayres -- One of the artscenes late bloomers, his talents
ripening to their fullness during the dark ages of the millenniums first
decade, enzO is now one of the leading luminaries of Blocktronics, and here
makes an appearance gifting us the worlds greatest ANSI rendition of the
letter M.
enzo.deviantart.com / @lucianoayres
Ereneta -- The only one among us to ever play jaw harp in a Lucasarts
adventure game, this storyteller unearthed the found poem We from a library
timereneta.com / @tereneta
Etana -- Writer, artist, and animator, Etana has remained wholly immersed in
the arts on a daily basis since the dusk of the artscene, hammering out her
own scene with keyframeonline.com
www.athenacooper.ca / @athenacooper
Freddy43 is an AuDioVisUal artist from Wicked City in the Netherlands.
freddy43.info / facebook.com/ojajoh
soundcloud.com/freddy43 / youtube.com/user/4X3Freddy
In over 20 years on the arts culture beat, Freelance Pete aka Peter
Guindon is arguably the most unrecognized genius I have yet come across.
Illustration, 2D animation, and heartbreaking ukulele ballads for the
underemployed generation.
peterguindonsworkshop.com / pguindon.blogspot.com
Investigating a work in progress from 1998 after it came up in conversation,
Happyfish was pleased to discover that ANSI art is, in at least one way,
like riding a bicycle. That said, it cant supplant the great love she has
for her banjola, the axe for her award-winning main gig on the filk
Hein Cooper -- A touring musician, his travels occasionally confront him with
photo opportunities that simply cannot be turned down. We were walking down
some street in Zurich after grabbing dinner at an Italian restaurant when
the sky jumped out at me and I instantly had to get a photo of it! One
vertical inversion later, and we had a stark work of cognitive dissonance
that could not be ignored.
heincooper.com / @HeinCooperMusic
If I stopped being such a dilettante and got serious about making art, I
might look more like my old friend Ice Cream Emperor. His output has been
sparse, but every piece of it is of unrivalled intensity.
ideaths creation was the very first file to reside in the MIST1015
directory, alone for months, an obvious best fit for a computer art pack as
a tesselating Escherian textile pattern implemented in the form of an
infinity scarf. ANSI art aint got nuthin on that!
Illarterite -- Dan Farrimond is a multimedia artist from Wigan, UK. Despite
attempts to modernise, he will forever be known as That Guy That Does
Teletext Art. But whoever said thats a bad thing?
@illarterate / teletextart.tumblr.com
danfarrimond.co.uk / portfolio.illarterate.co.uk
Denver-based ill-esha is a producer, engineer, instrumentalist, vocalist and
sound designer originally hailing from Vancouver, BC. Introduced to BBS
culture in the early 90s as a lonely gifted child by the local school
board, she quickly befriended many other lonely children on EdNet, some of
who turned out to be SysOps with their own BBSes. An obsession with
programming sound over code led her towards audio engineering and her current
incarnation as a touring electronic artist.
Line by Line was created specifically for this artpack as an ode to the
early days of online love. Lyrically referring to many aspects of old-school
connections the title references the slow but tantalizing loading of erotic
ANSI art, the song is also primarily comprised of old computer sounds, some
merely sampled and others resynthesized and effected beyond recognition. You
may hear old Mac startup and death sounds, dot-matrix printers, floppy disks
loading, volume button noises and other such sonic memories.
Album after album of original music composed by ill-esha can be obtained,
mostly for free, throughout various internet sources.
ill-esha.com / soundcloud.com/illesha / facebook.com/ill.esha.music
the Inference -- You saw their song lyrics in Mistigris artpacks before, for
the ensembles Casa del Sol and Perpetual Dream Theory. After all this time,
Flyingfish and Otnoo Ishphoo are still at it, this spare new wave throwback
their latest project.
theinference.bandcamp.com / @theinference / instagram.com/theinference
Jnos Hork is relatively new to pixel art, having been honing his chops for
the past year and a half. We are pleased to feature his seasonal loop of
supernatural pursuit!
An endlessly creative individual at the Rave On Studio mixing console or
before the blank page, it was merely a matter of time before Jenn Ashton
picked up a paintbrush and ran with it.
Jeremy Stewart -- In addition to being the general manager of the Prince
George orchestra and founding and producing the annual Casse-Tte
experimental music festival, philosopher-king @jeremydstewart is also an
accomplished poet. The poem included here accidentally fell off of him like
a ripe fruit from a tree, reflexively.
Jim Munroe aka Jim Druid took on computer art by the horns before it was
cool, circulating his zine periodical Celtic Pamplemousse via e-mail circa
1990 by the time we figured out how to hook up bulletin boards to other
ones in other area codes, hed already landed a gig as the managing editor
of Adbusters magazine at their most relevant, whisking him across the
continent to pound the same streets as us, ships passing in the night. In
the meantime hes continued flourishing as a game designer, filmmaker and
novelist, and the included excerpt from his Vancouver-set 2002 dystopian
novel Everyone In Silico is intended to draw attention to his recent move to
make his back catalogue available on a pay-what-you-like basis.
JMD aka Simone Bernacchia -- was a game / demo developer in the early 90s
with Quazar. During a trip back to the mother country on vacation from the
daily grind as a LA radio stations web developer, he found his contributed
song, a numbered but unnamed experiment circa 1989, still present intact on
his Amiga 1200s hard drive.
Jenny Ritter confidently lays claim to the genre indie-folk, writing
complex and unique pop-tinged landscapes. Originally from Vancouver Island,
shes a seriously accomplished instrumentalist and supports clear, sweet
vocals on banjo and guitar. And what, we wont even mention the Kingsgate
Chorus? Because talents arent distributed equally throughout the
population, we taunt you by distributing none of her amazing songs well,
none were offered, but include two watercolours from the visual art
sideline she doesnt even rate mentioning!
jennyrittermusic.ca / jrillustration.allyou.net/3387435
Kazunari Kalcha Naito represents the tip of an iceberg we know little of
and understand still less of -- Japans Shift JIS parallel textmode art
scene. His works are informed by his interests in 70s prog rock, jazz, and
fine art.
pinterest.com/kalcha55/ascii-art / kalcha.wix.com
Kirkman -- As a young BBSer, Josh Renaud always envied those ANSI artists.
20 years later he has finally managed to sneak something into an artpack.
Josh blogs about retrocomputing, BBS door games, and other fun stuff at
ldb Laura Brown is a rare bird, perhaps the last practitioner standing of
good old UseNet-style ASCII art, with a masterful command over economy of
slashes, parentheses and asterisks.
LordNikon makes a guest appearance on his typewriter moonlighting from more
regular engagements with artscene groups Dekadence, Impure and Dezign, where
he makes incredible ASCII art: zito / moodsplateau might a big
influence... we were talking one time about ascii when i bought his amiga.
and 2 months later i was winning the ascii compo at stream 10 : The
typewriter art scene is smaller for sure something even more niche than
ASCII art? Strange but true!, but in that creative niche he cites Keira
Rathbone as an influence as well.
bloerp.de / lordnkon.tumblr.com / facebook.com/lordnkon / @lordnkon
Maeve Wolf aka Tatharina - Historically dropping art on Mistigris when our
orbits came into conjunction, the synaesthetic vanguard of our antipodean
contingent has pulled off an extraordinary second act, and has continued
making art ever since those salad days wound up in the compost.
@Maureen Evans grew up on Highway 16. She set her mind to writing a way out
young and has travelled widely ever since. These poems come from a first
collection of that work. She loves everything wild, beautiful and hard.
You wont see any of Mavriks creative work in this archive, but theres a
very good chance that the collection will have passed through his
graciously-offered web hosting at mistigris.org en route to you, picking up
from his historical facilitator role greasing the gears of Mists KiTSCHNet
echomail network from its home at Daemons Gate BBS.
Melodia - Melodia doesnt need an artgroup, she is an artgroup. A textbook
case of the parade continuing after the band stopped playing, courtesy of the
bottomless music in her head she kept on keeping on -- and indeed, has never
stopped. We are humbled by her continuing association with us, as to her,
all we have to offer is drag factor!
soundcloud.com/empressplay / @empressplay
Justin aka. Moon McMullen, birdband, Just an Atom, Jitterjunk Jefferson is
a dad and an award winning Creative. He has been working as an artist since
1999, and before that he was a pro baseball player. Obsessed with music, the
meaning of life, and outer space, you might find his work in an alley, on a
album cover, a hat, mobile phone or movie screen or on cassette.
His work has been featured in The Modern Museum of Art in Rome, The Brooklyn
Museum, The Slamdance Film Festival, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail,
Elle Magazine, GQ, NUVO, McCleans, The Vancouver Sun, EnRoute Magazine,
Applied Arts, The National Post, Toronto Life, The Toronto Star, CBC, The
Movie Network, Spike, The Movie Channel, The Travel Channel, and now...
This is Frdric Mr. Wrong Masse Noels first release in a Mistigris
artpack since May of 1998. In the interim, he has stacked blocks for Awe,
Fokus, and Used. Recently, when he has time to draw, his work appears as
did his Mist logo used in this collection in Blocktronics artpacks.
The man, the myth... Mythical Man handily satisfies both categories. Long
known for his prowess on the euphonium, painting is a recent development to
which he has applied himself ardently.
mythical-man.deviantart.com / euphoniousmyth.tumblr.com
themythicalman.livejournal.com / instagram.com/themythicalman
Nail - Deeply rooted in the 16 color world of the Commodore 64 scene Nail has
also been known for stacking blocks for Fire and The Legion. Hes recently
come out of a ten year hiatus just to be denied a well-deserved Blender win
by Cthulu.
Formerly known as Ay Lektriq and still further back as Young -- though
werent we all, back then?, Nobilus days of visual art were left behind him
long ago in favour of the musical muse.
nobilu.com / soundcloud.com/nobilu
Orangeboxman aka Josh Susanto in Second Life has an MA in music theory from
UBC and is a proud graduate of the Sugar Refinerys Scrambled Angst
performance series, with a postdoc at Spootify. He coaxes 3D objects into
virtual existence working with the distressed plastic beads of old firend
Selena Anne Wells, assigning relative height values according to arcane
formulae derived from the beads colouration.
Hailing from Belgium, Otium is the sole proprietor of the fabulous Galza
artpacks -- the most recent of which, their 23rd installment, has just been
released featuring PETSCII textmode portraits of personnages from the Soviet
domain throughout the 20th century. His suite of submissions here merges his
loves of vintage electronics and panoramic photography.
filipdehaes.be / @filipdehaes
Pannekoekologist - A silent partner collaborator or enabler? underwriting
many foolish and eminently worthwhile ventures with goading and occasional
direct support.
Phatal, one of the Butchershop 20, is a beach bum par excellence, typically
found in a boat or dune buggy somewhere between the Sunshine Coast and Baja
California -- and occasionally installed at a sketchbook or easel somewhere
in between.
A big fish in any sized pond, Raquel Meyers is a bona fide computer art star
choosing as her axe the PETSCII character set of the Commodore 64.
RC Weslowski aka Randy Jacobs may not be Vancouvers most successful poet,
nor Vancouvers most experimental poet, but he could very possibly be
Vancouvers most successful experimental poet.
Best known for his fauvist and glitchy textmode art in Blocktronics, Reset
Survivor has another, tribal, side to his creativity, crafting small-press
comics and somehow invoking muses from office supplies. His submission to
MIST1015 was created in Manga Studio.
resetsurvivor.com / @resetsurvivor
RoguePoet mixed a series of Creative Commons music recordings by The
Inkwell and SaReGaMa with a recitation by Cthulu incognito as
PseudoIntellectual of E2renetas we for the first installment of his
2009 NodeSlam podcast series, a response to The Everything2 Podcast.
Sephiroth has travelled through many computer art groups in his time in the
scene -- founding Sadist and holding membership in Sense/Jasper, Divine, Opx,
LF, iTP, SAC ... and most recently hanging his hat in supergroup
Blocktronics. But he proudly remembers being recruited to Mistigris back in
1998, just prior to the non-release of M-9808 and our seemingly permanent
collapse. At long last, we are proud to realise his manifest destiny and
present his art in a Mistigris artpack!
Sara Ciantar is mainly known as a figure on the fringes of the Canadian
alt-folk scene, but that doesnt mean that she cant pull out her phone and
take one hell of a photograph when the sky demands it.
Including work a second sun photo in a row, go figure -- but while that one
was rising, this one is setting from video artist Steev Hise brings us all
one degree closer to having worked with Negativland.
Stoo Collins - Most of his computer art back in the day 1992 was done as
too or Intro, mostly with a two-bit demo group called TSB The Swindon
Boys. Included are forensically-recovered specimens of his Amiga pixelart
Sudden Death was drinking deep draughts of the same dream as Cthulu, plotting
and actively recruiting for a thwarted revival of the artscene group he
founded, CiA, before the Mistigris reunion had occurred to any of us.
Following the trends of agile development and rapid prototyping, he failed
fast and helped us out with getting the ball rolling for a phenomenal
Halloweeny Pablodraw joint ANSI piece featuring a all-star cast of
Blocktronics greats.
Known as JaZz of EuphoniX in a previous life, Jason Johannson aka Theorica
is back with three new tracks from a new recording project, SellaField
Theresa Oborn started on the page and then, somehow, her creations made the
leap from a flat existence to one extruded through space, thanks to polymer
clay. Her sassy sculptures have something important to tell us, if only we
would listen!
theresaoborn.tumblr.com / etsy.com/ca/shop/TheresaMO / theresamo.deviantart.com
Tomppa1 -- You might have seen my works in the ACiD Productions artpacks,
back when we were all BBSing. Since then, I havent done much art in at
least ten years. Last year I got the idea for one work for which I needed
text. Naturally, Rowan came to mind at your service! and we talked about
releasing it in this pack. Well... it took me months to even find that work
in the warehouse. As the deadline approached, I found I wasnt really happy
with it without making extensive fixes. Instead, this is my newest drawing.
Thanks for your support and hopefully well see each other soon. !!!
Unicode is Mike Levens -- a DJ, producer, and electronic musician misaligning
bit boundaries, breaking syntax, and parlaying mistakes into music since, oh
hell, lets say the mid-nineties. Who ever puts a firm date on their
artisthood? He plays lots of styles of music and is inspired by number
theory, retrofuturism, and nice terse three-item lists.
soundcloud.com/unicode / facebook.com/djunicode
Unseen Fate aka Antti Minkkinen of PEN15 shares with us a very mature ANSI
logo promoting his group in addition to two of his paintings. My inspiration
is the same as everybody elses -- comics, cartoons, popular culture, personal
experiences and naive/low brow art. I like banality, I want to find beauty
in banality, most banal things are bombarded at us from the TV and media ...
we all grow up with the same images: I read all the same comics and listened
to same music as the rest of you. But I had an out -- ANSI art and the
demoscene were both good escape routes for nerds!
A 16-bit guy in a 64-bit world, VileR grew up when baud rates were lower and
signal/noise ratios higher. A bizarre pixelling accident in the mid-90s
left him trapped in an artistic timewarp bubble somewhere on the inert
fringes of the demo-/artscene. However, he was recently seen crawling out of
the woodwork and into projects such as this years 8088 MPH demo, and may
occasionally be observed busying himself with nameless and unspeakable
oldskool-related machinations.
Swede Somberlain historically drew ANSI, among other places, for the groups
Glue and Sadist. He appears in this collection indirectly, courtesy of Nail
revamping one of his logos.
Australian Vordreque started off the same way as many sceners from the 90s:
first it was PC-DOS gaming, then BBSing. Once he dialed 300 boards at 30
cents / call and got in heaps of trouble from his Dad for the big phone bill
but once he found the right selection of boards he discovered the underground
computer art and music scene. He started tracking music on Fasttracker II
and began drawing ANSI and VGA roughly two decades ago, as part of a few
Aussie groups such as Synthetic and Inflicted, for a time ran his own music
and art group, Flange, with a friend. When he realized that the majority of
the packs were dominated by his work he struggled to see the point and
decided to aim for higher things. Having always been a fan of the
all-powerful ACiD Productions, he sent Radman or Catbonez an email in 98,
not expecting a response, and was over the moon when a Halloween VGA was
requested. He was in... and released as dvandenberg with ACiD for a spell
before the artscene began to go on the blink. He continued developing his
graphical and musical style and over time has become very familiar with
raytracing programs. Currently employed as a 3D illustrator, he also curates
for Loose Gallery in Lismore, New South Wales. Im happy if I have a
creative outlet, but Ive found that as I get older the balance between
computer time and physical time is more crucual to my well being -- thats
why I enjoy a bit of cardio while watching Lightwave tutorials, ha ha! His
recent focus has been on his music, notably his 1980s synthwave collection,
Arcade Summer, which you can hear at soundcloud.com/arcade-summer
Back when the world was young, Whazzit drew under a different handle for
Mistigris, then Integrity and from there a brief stint in ACiD, before
retiring from the artscene, presumably for good... but somehow, like the
rest of us tragical moths, was drawn back to its fascinating flame circa
2013, renewing his drawing efforts with a vengeance in 2015.
Straggling in at the very end not just alphabetically, but also
chronologically we are pleased to include a logo by Mist Classic member wi.
mistigris.org - WHQ
The Guardian of Forever