MIST0921 infofile by LDA, Leonardo, Cthul
MIST0921 infofile by LDA, Leonardo, Cthul
The artpack your mother wont let you download
because theres too many teletext gifs.
Greetings, friends! Its been an eventful furlough since our last release,
with some positive developments, some negative ones, probably plenty of
relatively neutral ones... anyway, here we are! As youve probably guessed by
now, the theme of this months artpack collection is again video games, a
theme that, lets be fair, I could be happy curating work about every month.
I only wish Id been at liberty to personally mint more works for inclusion in
this collection, as I literally always have games on the brain, but theres
been a lot going on and its all been really rather distracting.
Id like to give a big welcome to a bunch of artists making their Mistigris
artpack debuts this month, including the return of artscene castaway Zylone,
releasing for the first time since the turn of the century without missing a
beat DW of Dark Systems BBS, who adapts video game sprites and bead / cross-
stitch patterns of pop culture subjects to ANSI art arrangements and
Sontolhead, a skilled Indonesian teletext artist whose attempt to follow our
lead and send a zipfile of his work for display on 16colo.rs really put the
nail in our coffin there. That coffin was closing regardless, but its closure
was announced the day after his portfolio went up.
Say what? More on that: Our releases will continue being hosted on 16c, but
you will need to know to look for them directly, eg. via
16colo.rs/group/mistigris, because Mist packs will no longer be acknowledged
as recent releases on the sites frontpage until their contents are at least
50 .ANS/.ASC files... or, as you could surmise, when Hell freezes over. The
frequency and aesthetic out-of-stepness of our releases was resulting in some
brand confusion about the primary function of the website, which is boldly
being asserted to function -- as its name suggests -- as an ANSI art gallery,
rather than as an artpack repository. These days, the Venn diagram overlaps
everyone but us and Sontolhead, but there you have it. Its been suggested
that this development might inspire us a little to get into line, but more
likely is that it will inspire us to pursue other outlets for our work, alas!
This concludes the depressing digression.
Sorry, this could be a little more on-theme. Er... INSERT COIN TO CONTINUE?
In addition to those recent newcomers, this artpack also features masterful
work by the skillful guests sk!n of deZign -- a unique and long-lasting force
in ASCII art -- and Leonardo, an old hand whos been 0wning at ANSI art since
the very earliest days of Mist Classic only for far more reputable crews.
We may be getting old, but it seems at least were not getting any more
mature, as evidenced by the fact that we clearly havent gotten over video
games yet!
Of course, fanart about games can only get so fun, when you consider that one
could be actually playing games instead. Or... actually making games! Or...
lets get all Kairosoft here and say: making games about making games! This
artpack doesnt contain any actual games this time around, but heres a
little roundup of recent and ongoing game projects undertaken by the regulars
in our community and around our Discord:
* First and foremost, Sylphid adapted our favorite turn-of-the-century
semantic transmission party game Eat Poop You Cat aka Telephone
Pictionary for the faint of heart for free online play through your Slacks
or Discords -- or if you like, try it first at ours: playing it nonstop has
been just about the central activity of the Mistigris community, including
many long-retired members, for a couple of months now. You can find out more
at epyc.phlegmatic.ca/about
* Rhoq recently launched the beautiful and moody Hisato no Saku, which you
can learn more about via via rhoq.itch.io or -- its on Steam, too!
* Polyducks has just adapted Ryan Veeders Mud Warriors to the original Game
Boy, in addition to which, well, he has nearly a dozen eminently worthwhile
titles up among his games portfolio at polyducks.itch.io indeed, between
writing and sharing this infofile, he released Fateloop, his second new game
this week, nbd.
* Mavenmob continues work on The Creation of a Self, and you can find more
information about that and its predecessor The Word Is Not The Thing from
his website at mavenmob.com
* Max Mouse is working on simple door games eg. Hyprflwr for his BBS
Hypernode, available exclusively there via hypernode.ddns.net
* UnculturedGames just released the ANSI art platformer Codename Desperado,
with work underway on the also ANSI zombie apocalypse survival game I WILL
FIND HER. Further details at unculturedgames.itch.io
* Still in the text art games space, its worth taking a look at Adel Faures
Joan Jump at adelfaure.itch.io
* Cranksy created music and sound design for the recently-released Eon,
details at eon.pengaru.com
* The always-interesting MigMoogs latest game up on NewGrounds is The
Gluttons Purge -- you can find out more about all of them at
* No tabulation of recent text art game releases would be complete without
noting Lobos incredible PETSCII C64 kaiju combat game Monstro Giganto,
about which you can learn more via spitoufs.com/giganto
* Andrey Fomin has continued work on ASCIIdent asciident.com since our
last video game artpack two years ago, and his earlier Proto Raider makes
use of the same text stickman aesthetic. You can find out more at
* Every day in every way, Jim Gerrie is adapting 8-bit BASIC type-ins to the
TRS-80 MC-10. If you have the hubris to even try, you can attempt to keep up
with him at jimgerrie.blogspot.com
* Though it has stalled due to programmer availability, Axls PLAYSCII work in
progress Andarnov looks incredible!
* And the next Blender compo of course, which is in its own way a playful
competition that is kind of a game and has resulted in actual games being
created as submissions, sometimes controversially winning! runs Oct 16-17.
You can find out more at mistigris.org/blender/blend.html
Phew! Someone start a Mistigris list on the Backloggery! Hats off to all of
our colleagues who got their work seen and appreciated at the recent
Flashparty demo event in Argentina -- Zeus II, Illarterate, Dwimmer,
Littlebitspace, Uglifruit, Sontolhead, and the rest of you crazy bitheads!
Thanks to everyone for producing all of the iconography emblazoned all over
this artpack -- Odd for the FILEID.DIZ, LDA for the header art, Leo for the
footer art turning Odds Ultrakill robot on a deconstructionist
postmodernism bender, and DW for the bookends for the memberlist! While were
hardly releasing on a monthly basis these days, we should be seeing you in
October with our customary collection of spooky art in time for Halloween.
After that -- who knows? Many irons in the fire, hopefully at least one of
which we can celebrate our anniversary with. In the meantime, thanks for
somehow finding and checking out this collection, and please consider
dropping us a line at info@mistigris.org or stopping by our Discord!