Mistigris August 1997 Infofile by Quip
Mistigris August 1997 Infofile by Quip
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the mistigris august 1997 newslett
er :: by quip
Quip here. Cthulus tak
ing a break from assembling the Mistigris funk
pack this month, so instead you have to put up with me
. Lots has happened
since the tour has ended, including the release of our
first solo pack in
all of 1997. 3 megs of great art if you havent seen
it yet, pick it up at
cdrom.com, disembodied.com, or
lit.org, and send us some feedback email
addresses are in the memberlist.
Im going to cover a lot in this news letter, so br
ace yourself, as
we dive deep into the ocean of funk that we like to ca
ll Mistigris.
member updates
This month wasnt too bad as far as members go. We
lost some, we gained
some, and we regained some. Enough of that,
here they are, in no particular
Syncrow - hi-res department ::
email situ@bconnex.net
Vanon - hi-res department :: ema
il juha@vilmi.mbnet.fi
Bloodshed - hi-res department :: ema
il bloodshed@mindless.com
Schtroumpf - lit department :: ema
il schtroumpf@ultranet.ca
Kyo - hi-res department
:: email kyo@lava.net
Syncrow joins up with the hi-res department a
nd will hopefully be producing
some good vga in future releases. Vanon
brings vga and telecommunications
skills and might even eventually be able to score us a
24 hour bot in mist!
Bloodshed, also of Seed, brings
his great skills to the vga department as
well. Schtroumpf, former leader of lit grou
p Cenobite r.i.p., returns to
the scene and joins up with the Mistigris lit departme
nt. Welcome back,
smurf! Kyo returns to Mist to produce some
vga and rip, despite some small
conflicts with other Mist members on IRC.
Welcome back to Mist guys!
Okay okay, enough vga artists.. how about some ansi an
d ascii artists? Come
on people, you know you want to join
Sadistic Intent - ansi department :: reason
to run Society
Jake Blues - music/lit departments :: reason quittin
g scene
Catch22 - ansi department :: reason to run
FrgnFruz - ascii department :: reason because
hes a bonehead
Sadistic Intent was supposed to stay on the m
emberlist for August, but he
decided to release the one logo that he submitted with
Society, so I just
took his name off. Oh well. Jake Blues, gre
at friend of many Mist members
is calling it quits. Best of luck to you in getting a
real life!
He was last seen on the set of Blues Brothers 2000
in which he will be
starring opposite of John Goodman.
Catch22 quit the ansi division to run
his own group Glue, which had a decent firs
t release, I might add. Despite
a short argument that we had on IRC about why he left,
were still the best
of buddies. FrgnFruz quit the ascii divi
sion again. Not a big loss, but
he did show some potential. I think the whole reason t
hat he isnt much of
a loss is the fact that his attitude just didnt fit i
n with that of the
other members.
frgnAWE-:ansi i buttfucked cthulu.
I think that says it all right there, folks.
Ansi/rip artist and musician Neophyte a.k.
a. ME officially changed his
handle to Quip. His email address in the m
emberlist will still be the
same though, just for conveniences sake. Gravity
changed his handle to
Arch Angel. He is also helping run the up-a
nd-coming Society. Cthulu also
changed his underwear. Yes, it happened AGAIN, folks..
that nutty guy.
The most recent news on the topic of members is that
Cthulu decided that I
am worthy of a senior staff position, so..
here I am.
the internet
In the past couple months, Mistigris has been doing
a lot of work on
getting better known on the internet. We ha
ve been updating our main page,
working on a new one, working on individual pages for
each division, PLUS
some members are even putting their own Mistigris
support pages up on their
own personal homepages. This is appreciated guys, than
ks a lot!
Right now, our current page is at www.geocities.co
Im not sure what the deal with www.lit.org/mistig
ris is, but Im sure there
will be something about it in next months newsletter.
Regardless of that,
please check the site out. Sylphid coder a
nd old warez extroardinaire has
been hard at work designing the Mistigris Coding P
age, which can be found at
www.infomatch.com/sylphid. Mavrik
KitschNet head, occasional Kithe coder,
and lover of words that start with K has also been
working on the Kithe
homepage which I assume can be accessed at www.lit
On top of all of that, Crowkeeper has been
working on the Mistigris Member
List Page which I THINK can be located
at www.imag.net/crowkeep/mistmem.html
If it doesnt work, stay tuned next month for more inf
o on that. Myself and
Geekboy are also working on the Music Div
ision Page, but weve barely started
it, so thats hardly newsworthy yet.
While im talking about the Internet and Mist, id lik
e to send a special
thanks and a word up! to Crowe
for granting us with his wonderful
genie-like powers our own web page space on www.l
So.. uhh.. Word up, Crowe!
While im at it, I might as well throw in a cheap plug
for my web page:
www.geocities.com/Paris/6522/destiny.htm. I
m designing a WAY better
version of Destiny right now, so dont hold
it against me if you think
it sucks.
Mistigris also has their own official FTP Site
which can be located at login/password: mist.
That was the address the last time I
was on it anyways. One thing you should know is that f
or now, the FTP site
is only available when Crowkeepr thats hi
s IRC nick is online, so look
for him, and if you see him, ask him for the address!
A lot of members of Mistigris are on IRC often, so if
you ever feel like
chatting with any of us, try mist on e
One of our official member boards, Neosporin
604-942-9772, may be going
telnet soon, as well, so youll be able to
contact a lot of Mist members
through there.
member policy
I just thought Id mention it, because even as ansi
coordinator, it
was all too clear to me. The member policy
of Mistigris is in a way unique
from most other art groups out there. Most groups go f
or the system where
if you are inactive for long enough, they kick you out
like CIA. Mist is
a little more lenient a little more laid-back. When a
member joins, we dont
just throw a name and an email address on a list, we d
o that, AND try to get
to know the person. Try to get them involved in whatev
er we can, and have
them get the most out of Mistigris that they can. In m
ost cases, anyways.
When a member goes inactive for a while, they are simp
ly taken off of the
memberlist, BUT they are still a Mist member
. Remember, if you were in Mist
before and have just chosen not to contact us, and you
are no longer on the
memberlist, please contact us so we know where you are
, so we can work
something out. Thanks.
new departments
You may notice in the memberlist that th
ere are some new departments.
One or two of them are obviously silly, and will proba
by be removed by next
month, but we do have a couple new ones as well. For i
nstance, the new
bbs modding division, which has basically bee
n started by our very own mr.
freak-out himself, Otnishph. He has bee
n doing a lot of work on our WHQ,
The Jade Monkey 604-730-2467, and for tha
t we praise him. On top of that,
he has decided to release some of his mods that he mak
es on the board with
us well.. at least thats the impression I got when h
e submitted his matrix
mod this month - mmatrix.zip. Another new
department not really a
department, but more of an establishment started by a
Mistigris member is
Armada Web Design, which has been started b
y vga artist, and big nuisance
Silent Knight . The group will most likel
y be focusing on local companies,
but of course will take long distance ones as well I
guess. For more info,
email Silent Knight at knight@intergate
.bc.ca. Another external department
yeah.. I like that.. is Dream Factory ALS
O started by Silent Knight. Dream
Factory is a comic publishing entity, which has a lot
of local talent outside
of Mist, that is and looks promising. No releases t
o date, but you might
want to email Silent Knight about that as well.
Many of you probably already know what the Blen
der competition is,
but if you dont, please go to ftp://blender.home.
ml.org, download one of
the Blender packs titled blndr.zip being the
number of the compo -
we just finished 37 and read the infofile inside the
archive. If you
have already been participating in Blenders and downlo
ad the releases
regularly, then you should know who Mistigris is. We w
ere just recently tied
with Serial but the groups death confirms
our spot in first place. Second
place is Fire, but theyre three points beh
ind us, so were not overly
concerned yet . Dont worry, though. As soon as the
next team Blender
comes along, well jump way ahead again, and youll ne
ver catch us!
This is the gossip column of this months infofile.
This is were I
reveal the nasty habits, and rumors surrounding Mistig
ris members. No, just
Crash 97 is being held in Calgary
in late August. It is going to be
a demo party with all sorts of competitions
, and prizes to be won. Apparently
Cthulu is the only Acid member g
oing, despite the fact that as is fully
promoting it on their web page well, the acid art
pack archive, anyways.
Visit the Crash 97 webpage at www.xi-m
The official fruit of Mistigris has been
dubbed the peach by our
buddy and Mist ascii artist Dead Soul.
Schtroumpf decided to jump in on
the trend in naming things for Mist and called New
World Order the official
Mistigris wrestling team.
Tincat, who has just recently been stalkin
g celebrity after celebrity
quit his hobby after a very topless David Hasselho
ff chased him through his
backyard with a meat cleaver. Tincat has validated the
fact that he was
more scared of Hasselhoffs menacing chest hair
than the meat cleaver itself.
Tincat also almost fell in the Baywatch sta
rs swimming pool, but
fortunately did not. In his other attempts at stalking
movie stars, Tincat
saw Julia Roberts cuddling with a myste
ry man, and found out, thought many
tricky wire-tapping techniques, that Brad Pitt
and his gal pal Gwyneth
Paltrow are seeing a voodoo love doctor
to heal their broken marriage.
Also after Tincat was done stalking, he managed to for
ce himself to swear
a death vengeance on local musician Esquire
Date: 10:49 pm Wed Aug 6, 1997 Number : 630
of 633
From: Tincat Base : Kitsch An
si/Lit Display
To : Esquire Refer : None
Subj: Re: yup Replies: None
Stat: Sent Origin : 06 Aug 97
E ANSI people suck :
Oh fuck you esquire!! You dont know what you just did!!
Because when I get
mad I get even baby!!! Wild horses couldnt drag me away, a
nd when Im
through, your rotting carcass is gonna be strewn all over t
he plains!! Im
not joking because a cold blooded killer never jokes!!! I
m a murderer, a
psycho!!! Ill get into your mind and then stab it with a
dull steak knife!!
Ill send you down the river on a boat made by hong kong sl
ave kids!!! Ill
cut your gums open with that oral b dental floss that is re
ally really thin,
so that you have to be careful with it or itll slice your
jaw in two!!
Your mine esquire!!!
Tincat, youre such a goof.
Cthulu told me to mention that William Burroughs d
ied just recently. So now
you know. And knowing is half the cattle.
Mmmm... cattle...
Also this month, our beloved newbie vga/rip and mus
ician Grinch came
to Vancouver to meet with some Mistigris me
mbers. He stayed at Cthulus
house as well as mine for one night. He a
rrived on August 12th, and left
his hometown Bothel, Washington on Augu
st 17th also my 17th birthday.
Another meet that took place before Grinch visited
was Crowkeepers
meet. Crowkeeper lives on Bowen Island
, which is just a ferries ride from
Vancouver. And on a ferry is exactly how
Cthulu, Happyfish, Zamfir
Worshipper, Eoanya, and Silent
Knight got there.
Mistigris ascii-goddess Weird
s 604 based joke-group Krap just released
their one year anniversary pack a few days ago, being
the longest living
joke-group in the art scene so far. The filename is
KRAP0897.ZIP so find it
on IRC the best place to look would probably be
mist or on the web at
http://www.infomatch.com/flib, the officia
l Krap site coded by Geekboy also
of Mistigris. Im not sure how much longer the site wi
ll be running on that
ISP, but lets just hope for the best.
In other dual-grouper news pfft, G
rinchs group Seed just released
their first art pack today. The filename is SEED08
97.ZIP. Find gr1nch on IRC
or email him at grinch@zipcon.net and pick
up the pack.
look out behind you!
This concludes the infofile for Mistigris August 1
997 pack. Hope you
enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.. no wait,
I hope you enjoyed it
MUCH more than that.
Thanks to Cthulu for giving me the oppor
tunity to try my hand at
Mistigris leadership for this month. Hopefully this wi
ll prove to him that
I can, in fact, help out a great deal with the group,
and I may prove to
be an asset to Mist staying together when he is shippe
d off to Capilano
College in September. I would also like to th
ank Weird for submitted that
really nifty Mistigris ascii logo, which yo
u can see 277 lines above this one.
Peace out. - Quip
Hat boy, Not a Neophyte