The Jade Monkey by publius enigma
The Jade Monkey by publius enigma
. pe..S+.+
t h e
the jade
monkey +.:
soso :
.,s misti
gris whq ::+
,.,s tabnet, sonic
link .+::
. s m o
n k e
y + o
ps: happyfish, c
thulu +.:
.sSSs Spe
-- snippity snip -- happyfishs jad
e monkey ---------------- 16 lines
this looks surprisingly alot like PE-JEWS1.ANS, incident
ally the last logo i
did. hrm, none the less, at least its something. first lo
go ive drawn in
5 monthes or so, i assure you i am still alive. greets go o
ut to happyfish,
cthulu, platinum, pedantik, mistigris, and tabnet. STACVOL.
DSK not mounted.
-- publius enigma / mistigris 97 -------- --