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Crash 1997
Opening words
You are reading the invitation information for Crash 1997, released
on the 7th of April. Previous revision was the 19th of March.
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All times listed are in Mountain Standard Time Canada.
All currency listed is in Canadian Dollars.
The Crash 1997 organizers reserve the right to change any information
relating to this event, at any time, without notice.
The information presented here is not final an asterisk in the left
most column denotes new information. We will update this file as new
information is made available, so please continue looking for
releases that may be more recent. This information is available in
the following forms at the following locations:
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* Web page -
* Textfile -
Remember to purchase your tickets in advance because space and
resources are limited. Group rates will be made available contact
If you are looking to participate in the success of this event please
contact us.
Crash 1997, in a minimal sense, is a demo-party. A demo-party is an
event for computer enthusiasts from around the world to get together,
interact, discuss ideas, compete, and have fun. Crash 1997 is more
than this. The focus will be on hosting additional competitions and
activities in the hopes to introduce new ideas and art forms into the
demo scene. The competitions will be focused around real-time
audio/visual presentations for the PC, although not limited to any one
platform or criteria.
* We are looking for feedback! Please contact us to express your opinion.
* If you agree with what we are doing let us know. It is positive or
* constructive feedback that will help to motivate us, or integrate your
* ideas and suggestions into the current structure of the event.
* Opening words
* Where and when
* How to get there
* Competitions
* Rules and information
* Services/Event features
* Ticket/Ordering information
* Contact information/Organizing
Closing words
Where and When
The location of the event is in Western Canada, in the city of
Calgary, Alberta. It will be held in North Americas largest indoor
soccer arena.
The event place consists of two domes, each dome containing four
regulation length indoor soccer fields. There will be only one
entrance from the outdoors. This entrance is to the slave arena.
From here there are two indoor passage ways that lead to the master
arena. The master arena is where the main activities will be held.
This arena is a self-supporting bubble-like structure, with its
entrances resembling revolving air-locks. Fortunately there are two
of these revolving air-locks, as this will most likely be the
epicenter of traffic. For obvious reasons one door will be used to
enter the structure while the other is to leave. Hopefully this
procedure will minimize any inconveniences people have attempting to
traverse from one area to another.
The event will take place over a three day period. A quarter one
soccer field of the slave arena will be sectioned off as best as
possible to make room for sleeping arrangements sleeping is not
required and may be difficult. Although 24 hour activities will be
provided in the master arena, for those of you who require your sleep
you will need to provide yourself with sleeping attire such as asleeping
bag, blanket, or pillow. 24 hour washroom and shower facilities will
be provided and are located in the slave arena.
Both arenas contain no windows and are almost entirely shut off from
outside light sources. This means that both arenas can become
extremely dark, and dynamic light sources can be used. This will allow
for ideal viewing conditions of all feature presentations.
* The doors will open at 10:00am on the 22nd of August Friday, and
* close at 8:00pm on the 24th of August Sunday. Although the doors
* open at 10:00am there will not be any activities available. We
* recommend that you show up around 3:00pm unless you want to help
* setup. Intercontinental travelers who are arriving a day or two
* early should contact the main organizers.
Due to structural limitations we are limiting the person capacity to
four thousand people. Because of the local interest an event of this
caliber will produce, it will be in your best interest to purchase
event tickets in advance as this will guarantee your entrance and
access to resources.
Calgary is in the part of Canada where the majority of people speak
English. It will not be necessary to know French.
How to get there
The choice of transportation is up to you how you prefer to travel,
how much you are willing to spend?
Perhaps the simplest method is by plane. You will arrive at the
Calgary International Airport. From there all you need to do is catch
the Crash 1997 shuttle bus which will take you directly to the event
place. There will be a nominal fee for the shuttle.
If you choose to drive, there is ample parking, free of charge.
It is reasonable to expect that there will be bus trips from the
colleges and universities of neighboring cities. If your school or
group is interested in organizing a trip to Crash, please contact us
as we will assist in every way we can. Group rates may be made
available to large organizations planning to attend.
* If you would like to take a chartered bus to the event, please contact
* us as we will attempt to connect you to others in your area who are
* also interested in chartering a bus.
The current timeline is subject to change as more activities are
introduced. Refer to this section for a quick reference of activities.
This particular version of the timeline is extremely premature as the
times and lengths of many activities have not been concluded.
A complete version of the timeline will be made available at the
6:00am - Organizers begin setup
10:00am - Doors Open
6:00pm - Opening ceremonies
10:00pm - Crash the Rave opens to the public
5:00am - Crash the Rave closes to the public
9:00am - Demo-scene competitions begin
5:00pm - Awards and closing ceremonies
8:00pm - Doors close
There will be many activities at Crash 1997. The organizers will
attempt to add as many activities as possible up until the day of the
event. If you have any comments regarding the current activities,
or would like to see additional activities made available, please
contact us.
The focus of Crash 1997 is to explore new forms of technology in art.
To spread knowledge, awareness, and professionalism in this area, we
have selected competitions to be the main incentive. We will be
offering some standard demo-party competitions, as well as additional
competitions which we feel help to promote the ideas present with
In addition to the competitions, you will find events that serve to
demonstrate technology in art.
An intelligent rave will take place from 10:00pm Saturday until
5:00am Sunday. The rave will feature a creative variety of
underground music, countered with interactive visuals and lighting.
A fashion show may precede the rave.
Movies from an independent developer film festival may be shown on the
large screen during less active hours. Movies will be selected from
entries which meet the ideologies of technology in art.
As a result of being located in a soccer arena, one soccer field may
be used to host a round-robin between demo-groups willing to
participate. Although this does not relate to the Crash theme, we are
offering this as an activity if sufficient interest is displayed.
Most competitions will make use of the main presentation area big
screen, audio system. There are prizes awarded for the majority of
competitions. Please refer to the Rules.
The biggest attraction of Crash 1997. In the demo-competition you
will find a blend of all main competitions. This competition
incorporates music, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art, and
programming. Demos are a 5 to 15 minute presentation of the
talent that makes up the team.
This competition is similar to the Demo-competition, with a focus
on size. Everything must fit within 65536 bytes of data.
The 4Kb competition is focused on the programmer. The programmer
is given 4096 BYTES to develop a presentation. Everything about
this is an exercise in size. The common calculator has more
memory then 32,768 bytes, so if you think this competition is not
impressive, keep in mind that what you are viewing will fit in the
memory of your calculator nearly 8 times over.
* Computer Animation - Animation1:
* This competition is for computer generated animations, or computer
* altered film footage.
* Free Hand Animation - Animation2:
* This competition is usually based entirely upon public vote. The
* more effectively an animation entertains, the more likely it is to
* place. This is likely to be one of the more humorous portions of
* Crash. The animations must be hand drawn.
* 3d Modeling with respect to real-time rendering:
* 3 Dimensional Worlds are judged based on quality with respect to
* the limitations of real-time rendering.
* Art/Design:
* This competition is focused on artistic design as it applies to
* alternative forms of media advertising.
4 Channel Audio Tracking:
In the early days of computers 4 channels was all the processor
could handle. This competition is in one way nostalgic, and in
another sense, challenging for the artist. The musician must
produce a musical master piece with only the use of four
simultaneous instruments. It would be unfair to have a 4 channel
competing against a 32 channel tune.
* Multi-Channel Audio Tracking:
* In this competition the musicians can have as many channels as
* they want.
If you have produced a presentation for a computer that is not PC
based, this competition is for you. Be sure to bring the
required hardware for the presentation.
Heres the scenario. You get up on stage, and you have 2 minutes
to entertain the crowd. The winners will be selected by how
long/loud the crowd screams.
Scene Jeopardy:
If you have ever seen Jeopardy you have seen this event. We are
going to take up a collection of Demo-Scene trivia, and prepare
a test. Whoever wants to compete can take a white paper test. The
top 3 scorers of this test will be eligible to compete in Scene
Jeopardy. Basically 3 people and a host get up on stage and try
to answer the given questions. On the big screen we are going to
have a similar layout to Jeopardy. Do you know enough?
There will also be many other competitions and events during Crash
1997. Additional competitions considered:
Cola Absorbing
Coolest Computer
Eating Contest
Fastest Typist
Best New Effect
Wet Noodle Master
Network Games
There will be many surprise competitions through-out the event. For
example you might here us yelling on the intercom:
First one to the front desk with nibbles written in DEBUG.EXE
wins 50 bucks!
Here is the cash prize table to date. This table assumes a 1000
person pre-registration. Prize values will adjust proportionately to
the amount of people present the actual cash prizes will be fixed
August 22nd. Frequent the Crash webpage to find out how many
advanced tickets have been sold.
Demo-competition Intro-Competition 4K Competition
1st Place 10,000 2,000 500
2nd Place 5,000 1,000 250
3rd Place 2,500 500 100
Multi-Channel Music 3D Modeling Computer Animation
1st Place 2,000 500 500
2nd Place 1,000 250 250
3rd Place 500 100 100
4th Place 300
5th Place 100
1st Place 500
2nd Place 250
3rd Place 100
Additional prizes including cash, software, hardware, Crash
merchandise, etc, will be annexed as tickets are sold, additional
sponsors are obtained, and competitions are finalized.
Rules and information
Each three day event pass entitles the holder to enter once in every
competition the entry must be of the pass holders own creation.
The computer the entries will be run on will be a subject to change
as new hardware standards are introduced:
- Intel Pentium 166 Mhz
- Chaintech IFM1 Motherboard T2 Hx Chipset
- Gravis PNP Ultrasound with 1024Kb onboard RAM.
- SoundBlaster AWE 32
- Fujitsu 2.57 gb HD Pico Bird 9
- ATI Expression Pro with PC2TV 12 ns ram
- UniVBE or equivalent VESA 2.0 drivers will be an
available configuration option.
- 16 MB EDO Ram
The competition computer is being provided by Intelligent
Solution Computer wholesalers.
The competition machine will have Windows 95 Revision B installed.
* All realtime entries will be run from a Windows version of DOS NOT
* a DOS window. The AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS will be released in a
* later version of this textfile. The latest version of UniVBE will be
* installed in the path, as will several common DOS extenders DOS4GW,
* CWSDPMI, RTM32, DOS32. You may execute any of the files contained
* on the path from inside the entry or from a .BAT file this allows
* common elements to be excluded from the entry size. All entries
* will be run from this prompt. If an entry reboots the system at any
* time, it will be disqualified. All file names must be ISO-9660
* compliant Standard MS-DOS file names.
When you submit an entry your picture will be taken with a digital
camera. When it comes time to receive prize money, the person who
picks up the money will have to match the picture.
- Maximum size is 4096 Kilobytes.
- Maximum time duration is 10 minutes.
- Pure animation files are not acceptable. This includes
executables that just run an animation.
- Must support a no sound option.
- The file name must be ISO-9660 compliant Standard MS-DOS file
- May not decompress itself to the hard drive.
- May not save any configuration files nor write to the hard drive.
- May not reboot the system.
- Maximum size is 64Kb 65536 bytes.
- Maximum time duration is 7 minutes.
- Pure animation files are not acceptable. This includes
executables that just run a animation.
- Must support a no sound option.
- The file name must be ISO-9660 compliant Standard MS-DOS file
- May not decompress itself to the hard drive.
- May not save any configuration files nor write to the hard drive.
- May not reboot the system.
4Kb Intro:
- Maximum size is 4Kb 4096 bytes.
- Maximum time duration is 3 minutes.
- Animations will be allowed.
- The file name must be ISO-9660 compliant Standard MS-DOS file
- No music this is to simplify the judging process.
- May not decompress itself to the hard drive.
- May not save any configuration files nor write to the hard drive.
- May not reboot the system.
Computer animation:
- Maximum showing time is 3 minutes.
- Maximum Resolution is 640x480.
- The file name must be ISO-9660 compliant Standard MS-DOS file
- Due to the recent addition of this competition the rules have not
been finalized.
Free Hand animation:
- Maximum showing time is 3 minutes.
- Maximum Resolution is 640x480.
- The file name must be ISO-9660 compliant Standard MS-DOS file
- Due to the recent addition of this competition the rules have not
been finalized.
- Due to the recent addition of this competition the rules have not
been finalized.
3d Modeling:
- Due to the recent addition of this competition the rules have not
been finalized.
Multi-Channel Audio Tracking:
- Maximum size is 1024Kb.
- Maximum time duration to be heard is 3 minutes.
- Thirty-two channel maximum.
- The tracker name will not be shown on the big screen, only the size
and number of channels.
- The file name must be ISO-9660 compliant Standard MS-DOS file
Foreign competition
- Maximum time duration is 5 minutes.
- If the machine is nit a PC, bring it. The projector can handle
S-Video and RCA. We will have a VCR at the party place.
- No illegal audio/videos.
Wild Competition
- Maximum time duration is 2 minutes.
- Nothing illegal.
We will have a traditional judges panel and voting system. In
addition to this we are adding a few new elements. Here is an
example: The winner of the 4K competition will have the option to
judge code for the 64Kb and 4096Kb competitions. The coder of the
winning 64K will have the option to judge the 4096K demo. Same for
music. The winner of the 4 and 32 channel music competitions will have
the option to judge the music portion of the Intro and Demo
competitions. No judge may evaluate their own production. A coder
may only judge the coding portion of the presentation, a musician may
only judge the audio portion of the presentation, and so forth.
Judging criteria and example sheets will be provided at a later date.
A portion of the judging will also rely on public vote. To vote you
must have the valid voting program. This program will be made
available at a later date.
Services/Event features
Crash 1997 will be a full-featured event. Almost everything you could
require for a three day excursion will be provided for you. All
services are available 24 hours each day unless stated otherwise.
The master arena will contain most of the main attractions as well as
several other smaller displays and activities. The main entertainment
system will consist of a large screen projector and a powerful P.A.
system, as well as several other interesting devices that will
promote the eclectic atmosphere of this event.
The projector is likely to be a 20 foot by 15 foot rear projection
display capable of receiving S-Video and RCA input with a resolution
up to 1600x1200. Due to the size of the projected image, a 320x200
pixel image will contain pixels over 2.5 cm in length and width. For
this reason, the image will be filtered through a resolution
enhancement device that will raise the quality of all images to the
full 1600x1200 resolution. The primary use of this device will be to
display real-time graphics generated by PC, although the input device
is capable of displaying VHS and other sources of input.
The audio system will be a real kicker with 20,000 watts of sound on
each of four speakers and two 2x18 sub-woofers. The audio equipment
will be configured with two of the speakers and two of the subs making
up the left and right channels, while the final two speakers will make
up the rear channel. All sound will be processed through a Dolby
Pro-Logic decoder for true surround sound. This is the approximately
the same configuration they use for giant concerts raves, so believe
us when we assure you that it is LOUD.
The projection screen will sit against the far wall of the master
arena. Immediately in front of this screen will be the
presentation/dance floor. On the four corners of the floor will be
located the audio systems output. Surrounding the floor will be
several different forms of light sources.
Regarding personal hygiene washrooms and shower stalls will be located
in the slave arena. You will need to provide yourself with a towel,
soap, tooth brush/paste, hair comb, etc.
Meals and snacks will be available for a cost set by the providers.
A bevy of food variations will be provided, from fast food to fine
dinning. The event place hosts an on site restaurant and licensed
lounge as well as snack and pop concession machines. We are also
communicating with several fast food chains to provide a stand with
your favorite fast food items. Current fast food providers in mind
are SubWay, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut.
Addressing the issue of smoking smoking will be allowed in the
master arena and outdoors. The turf in the slave arena is
non-removable and will burn. Anyone smoking in the slave arena will
be tagged. If there are any burns on the turf in the slave arena
those who are tagged will be responsible for the cost of damages. If
they are not willing to pay for damages, the cost will come out of the
prize money, and the names of the individuals not willing to pay the
fine will be released on the internet. If you smoke, smoke in the
master arena, outdoors, or in the lounge, and you have nothing to
worry about.
We are planning to provide several IPX Hubs as well as the necessary
cables and network cards. Anyone with access to a computer may
sign-out a network card and cable so that they may connect with the
network Hub. There will be several network game competitions
organized. You will need to provide yourself with a computer that
meets the competitions requirements requirements are set based on the
lag a computer not up to specification would cause on the whole of the
network. We will provide all the necessary networking hardware and
software. Internet will mostly be accessed the same way.
* Electricity will be free, so feel free to bring your computer. There
* will be sufficient power bars and tables. On site security will be
* very good. All equipment will be tagged, and the owner given a
* matching tag. No equipment will be permitted to leave the event
* location without matching tags.
We would like to hear from you. Please feel free to fill out this
questionnaire and e-mail it to us. If required you may modify
this form to suit your suggestions.
Q: What other demo-parties have you been present at?
Q: How long are you planning to visit Crash 1997?
Q: Do you plan on entering any of the competitions? If yes, which ones?
Q: What demo-groups are you an active member of?
Q: What is you function in these groups?
Q: What platforms are you familiar with? In what way?
Q: Age/Sex?
Q: Food preferences/Fast food chain if not listed above?
Q: Activities you would like to see that werent mentioned above?
Q: Your piece of scene trivia to add to the data base? For Jeopardy
Q: Favorite demo/intro? The most popular demos will be shown on the
big screen when there are no events
Current Sponsors are in order of signing up:
- Xi Entertainment
- H2O Entertainment
- Intelligent Solution Computers
We are currently communicating with several companys in regards
to the role they may assume in sponsoring the event. They are not
listed here because the details of their sponsorship have not been
completed at this time.
Ticket/Ordering information
We have booked the location and dates of the event. We can now assure
you they are final, and are not subject to change.
Pre-event tickets available are as follows:
Individual 3 Day admission:
Cost : 55
Purchase Number : 1
This ticket will guarantee your access to all the activities that
take place at Crash. You will also be eligible to compete in all
competitions. You are allowed entrance to both arenas from 10:00am
Friday till 8:00pm Sunday.
Group 10 people 3 Day admission:
Cost : Purchase 9 of 1 and receive 1 of 1 for free
Purchase Number : 2
This ticket will guarantee 10 people access to all the activities
that take place at Crash. It will also allow each individual to
compete in all competitions. Each individual will be allowed
entrance to both arenas from 10:00am Friday till 8:00pm Sunday.
Rave admission:
Cost : 20
Purchase Number : 3
This ticket grants you access to the main arena from 10:00pm
Saturday till 6:00am Sunday.
Competition Viewing admission:
Cost : 20
Purchase Number : 4
This ticket grants you access to the main arena from 8:00am Sunday
till 8:00pm Sunday. This ticket does not allow you to enter in any
Rave/Competition Viewing admission:
Cost : 40
Purchase Number : 5
This ticket grants you access to the main arena from 10:00pm
Saturday until 8:00pm Sunday. This ticket does not allow you to
enter in any competitions.
Tickets available at the door are likely to be single day passes if
there are any available at all, and their price will be subject to
T-Shirts and Posters will be available at the event and possibly after
if there is sufficient supply.
Pre-event purchases may be made by sending your cheque or money order
Xi Entertainment
237 Bedford Circle
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Please specify your purchase number and quantity. All prices are in
Canadian funds, and include the 7 GST Goods and Services Tax.
Cheques must specify Canadian currency.
Post dated cheques will not be accepted.
A list of ticket purchases will be available on the Crash web page
under ordering information. A textfile version will be available at If you have purchased
tickets, make sure your name and appropriate information appear on
this list. If your name is not present after 1 month of mailing your
purchase request you should contact us. If your name does not appear
on this list you may be denied access or requested to purchase single
day passes upon entrance. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for this list to
be updated with your purchase request. Your cheque or money order
will not be cashed until your request has been added to the list.
The money made from this event will be used to pay for all equipment
and activities, as well as the cash prizes. The organizers are
hosting this event, contributing their time without the expectation
of making any money. If more individuals pre-purchase tickets than
anticipated, we will adjust some of the cash prizes, increase the
event features, etc.
As a condition of your use of the Crash 1997 facilities, you assume
all risk of personal injury, property loss, or property damage, from
any cause whatsoever including, but not limited, to the risks of
attending Crash 1997. The ticket holder may not hold the Sponsors,
Crash 1997 organizers, or staff liable for any such personal injury,
property loss, or property damage, and waives all claims with respect
Contact information/Organizers
For any questions or comments feel free to e-mail
We would like to here from you. We are interested in what you feel
will help to make this a more enjoyable, more successful, event.
The main organizing is being done by the current Xi members:
Maxwell Sayles Fysx
Shawn Sterling Seks