If you don't join you'll go bald. by Moses, TI, Cthulu
If you don't join you'll go bald. by Moses, TI, Cthulu
After the phenomenal release of our previous may/j
une pack, things
looked as though we might be releasing a pack at the BEGINNING
of the month
for the first time in a year. However, we just wanted to amass
a little
more work. Just a ... little... ooh, that just needs a bit mor
e shading.
And the font could use a little work on that one. And wherever
has Bob
gone off to? We cant possibly release without something from
Bob! Anyway,
this somewhat typical waffling has left us in a predictable sit
uation, as it
always does. So, we hope that you will be at least mildly ente
rtained by
what we managed to throw together once we realized that we hadn
t released a
pack yet.
You may notice that there is no Kithe, yet again, and r
no information on what happened in the group and as per members
, sites, and
long captures dealing with ascii doodles, groups of the 604 and
oneliners on
our WHQ. This will be the last pack which will be released kit
Arrangements have been made with several coders for a fail-safe
system of mags in various skeletal stages of completion, and it
would have
even been possible to have an albeit gargantuan issue in this
pack, had we
been willing to delay the release of the pack just a few crucia
l days
longer, and that is simply an unacceptable answer. Once apathy
acknowledged, only swift action can nip it in the bud.
Without detracting from the upcoming issue of kithe and
all of the
bounty which will in it be contained doesnt this sound famili
ar? I may
simply note that yes, Mistigris does now have an official ASCII
though we have released one or two pieces of ASCII art in the
past anyway
and that yes, we are accepting applications for positions in it
along with
all of our other sections. In fact, we are encouraging applica
tion for
them. Were we not so dignified, we would beg for them.
Any other words of worth to mention? We had our first
successful Mist gatherings since the last release, and The Extr
emist of Fire
but formerly of Mistigris, as we will all remember stayed at
my house for
a week at the terminus of his Canada-spanning hitchhiking trip.
That cute
picture on top was drawn by longtime associate DJ Moses Risin
of Happy
Fetus Records and formerly of RAiD the original one which no o
ne will
remember for us - it is in the infofile both as an affirmation
of our
longtime interaction and in comemmoration of the closure of his
board - The
Pelvis of Elvis - one of the longest running boards in this are
a code and
the source of our fertile music and art background. Oh, and th
e ASCII logo
was drawn by The Iconoclast, our new ASCII head honcho.
- Cthulu
or cthulu@berlin.infomatch.com
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Relics not around anymore, so... join mist, fucker!