MIST0721 infofile by CoaXCable and Cthulu
MIST0721 infofile by CoaXCable and Cthulu
Unthemed Pack by MiSTiGRiS 2021
Above all else, I was
exceedingly careful not to
overwrite my precious artpack
newsletter with my accordion
club newsletter this month.
You feel bad doing it once, but
twice in a row? Id never live
it down. Well, OK, it might make for a fun stupid tradition, but Im hidebound
to enough of my own inscrutable nontechnical constraints, this is the wrong
time to start shouldering more of them. But I digress. Can one digress
without ever having really gotten started? Surely if anyone would know, it
would be me. And yet!
Welcome to the July Mistigris artpack! We havent had any releases since this
years science fiction-themed collection back in May, so it seems were
effectively holding to our plan of avoiding monthly releases, and the artpack
this time around is unthemed, which were also trying to do more of, at least
proportionally. Does that make this pack rely less on the slushpile? We
havent had an unthemed pack since February, so some of this material has been
piling up for some time, but were trying to continue ramping down our
inclusion of work by artists with only extremely tangential connections to our
community. I guess this is the weird part of the infofile where I weirdly
confirm how were conforming to our weird plans, so that we may undertake our
weird activities in a slightly different weird way from how we traditionally,
and weirdly, executed them. OK, on brand! Moving right along.
Thanks to CoaXCable for the FILEID.DIZ and infofile art! He always includes
weird fields in this interface art release date, blood type, inseam that I
feel compelled to fill out, through which I have determined that by nearly the
most conservative calculation leaving out multi-disk artpacks, compilations,
music disks etc., this here would be the hundredth Mistigris artpack
collection. I have included most of our Mistigris World Tour appearances,
which not all tabulators would agree with, but they are free to write their
own infofile for this artpack. Its not going to be pretty. Nice milestone,
achieved accidentally, and nearly completely overlooked! In keeping with our
general modus operandi, I suppose.
Greetings to this collections new contributor, Mastertavo, who brings their
fascination with vintage sensibilities into our expansive tent. Speaking of
vintage sensibilities, just the other day, Facebook reminded me that ten years
prior, when Mist was nothing but a dormant fever dream, I had contributed a
late-night set dusting off the ol mouth to the annual 24-hour fundraiser
for Vancouvers Poetry Slam team, consisting of my old poems chewed up and
spat up by Markov chains, culminating in the following self-reflective phrase:
I will talk funny, as though I believe, deep down,
but still the desire to hurt
is to write poetry.
Stinging algorithmic insight! But I digress...
Also we welcome several guests from Polyducks Textmode Friends initiative:
new ones include Gabs, Tatapnhob, Nolithius and Eldrencake. Greetings all!
Even though this artpack is unthemed, individual artists have sub-themes
burbling up Blippypixel offers among a great deal of other material another
suite, calling back to his very first artpack appearance in 2018, of scenes
rendered in complete and near-monochrome palettes. Kurogao examines the state
of sport through their emoji/ascii art practice, almost just in time to
coincide with the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Jellica Jake plugs in
some pastoral outdoor scenes to his Predator infravision. And mutual
appreciation continues burbling among our newcomers dwimmer, littlebitspace
and Grymmjack! But there is a wider trend here also: over the Spring, our
colleagues on the teletext Discord had been playing a weekly drawing challenge
game, where different artists in the medium would try their hand at
illustrating one or more of regular assigned topics, to delight in all the
different interpretations possible. Some highlights are shared here in this
months artpack!
Speaking of games, its worth noting -- nay, announcing -- that the millennial
party game represented in MIST2000, Eat Poop You Cat, has recently been
implemented by Sylphid in an automated fashion, playable on our Mistigris
Discord at epyc, so please consider joining us there and jumping into a round
or three!
And speaking of speaking of games, its always well worth reiterating
reminders in artpack infofiles about upcoming installments of the regular
Blender improvised art competition. The next one is coming up the weekend of
July 17-18th! Stay tuned!
Also, speaking of speaking of speaking of games, our next scheduled artpack,
due out for release over the next month or two, is a return to one of our
favorite themes: video games. If youve got a demake proof of concept
screenshot in you, send it in! Well be sharing them in August or September
-- were not real picky here in our new, post-monthly paradigm.
Do please keep an eye out for some fun Mistigris artwork not only in the
recently-released final Break!ASCII pack we have a suspicious way of being
observed somehow present at artscene death scenes but in the next Lazarus
artpack -- we fielded a beefy delegation to slather our weird fun all over
this years Ninjapenguin ANSI jam. But, sadly, we were not invited to submit
any footwear-related art to their most recent collection -- in response to
which, in this artpack we have included Blippypixels unique pair of kicks
emblazoned with his unique designs.
You wont see it reflected in any artpack yet, but hats off to AdeptApril of
Storm BBS for completing an entire years worth of daily holiday ANSI BBS
screens. We look forward to featuring some of them in our daily Mistigram
posts, though you can of course catch them immediately by calling the BBS.
5 years ago, we were guests on CFROs long-running the Art of Beatz radio
program. Now its the turn of our colleague DJ Unicode, Midnight to 1AM PST
July 16. Expect wobbly, bouncy house type dance beats. Its all new
unreleased, original material, deep dirty tech and electro house beats, and
Im kind of really stoked about how it all came together. Lets just say, its
Pretty Bumpin. Please tune in and turn it up and dance with me or just vibe!
And thats it for this newsletter! Well catch you next time around, or keep
up with us on social media!