MIST0719 infofile by Cthulu / Smooth
MIST0719 infofile by Cthulu / Smooth
o o
+ + MIST.0719
returns to the
vast wasteland
.*. signal ex static .*.
Greetings, all! Its after midnight, and I have to get up at 5 for work, so
lets see if I cant make this infofile a brief one. Welcome to the MIST0719
collection, wherein we hold our collective noses and once more jump wholesale
into the wild and woolly world of television. Speaking of jumping into
unpleasant things, ask me sometime about my experience at the
turn-of-the-century April Fools Parade, when some costumed merry pranksters
managed to convince passers-by into jumping into a dumpster filled with mud
and manure because it also contained a small amount of real money. But its
a real and wholly unwarranted digression here, so I really cant get into it
right now even though the story is well worth telling.
Those of you keeping up with us in our home audience will be well aware that
we already covered this territory last year, but only with childrens TV.
Now we hold to the sacred axiom of advertising, and offer a product that,
though similar, can be described as NEW AND IMPROVED! This time around we
look at the entire broadcast schedule, Saturday morning to daytime soaps to
prime time to late night, all to everyones mutual ruination. Furthermore,
no longer limited to celebrating cartoons for kiddies, weve expanded our
genre scope to include such fellow travellers as episodic anime series and
short programs hosted on streaming services.
OK, thats great, but do I have anything to say about television? Its an
old faithful punching bag from the 90s, but lets be fair -- whens the last
time that I even watched it? Perhaps I should have kept it under scrutiny,
as apparently since it was last under my supervision it has metastasized and
begun actively dismantling liberal democracy. We dont offer any criticism
here pointed enough to engage that dimension of the medium ahem, not that
YouTube is any better on that front -- there is no Videodrome angle, no
matter how warranted... instead, this collection is instead a celebration of
the unique culture found on the boob tube from our wayback youths long ago
some nostalgias are longer ago than others, as Horsenburger demonstrates
with his deep cuts from the 70s and 60s to our second childhoods or
midlife crises if you will airing new episodes as we speak. TV has always
been an excellent option for escapism, and the world right now is a place
well worth escaping.
Anyhow, despite my best efforts, I hope that you enjoy this collection. With
over 300 pieces of art, surely it has something for everyone ... especially
if that someone is a fan of the Simpsons. It was a major undertaking! We
have been keeping tabs on some of these contributions for a very long time,
and are glad to finally be discharging them into the world where they can be
appreciated, however briefly.
Now for a spot of housekeeping. Wed like to give a warm Mistigris welcome
which can, from the outside, look like a tepid acknowledgement, I know to
the dynamic duo of Nikki and Bunty, at least one of whom has taken up the
peculiar British passtime of teletext illustration, getting their artpack
debut right here this month! Also for the first time we present Ozunaga, who
I can assure you is just getting warmed up here.
Going forward, you need to know that theres an open call for submissions for
our August artpack, which will again be unthemed, and for our September
collection, which will be explicitly video game-themed. Its about time!
As for October, marking the 5th anniversary of our revival, you know what to
expect. That said, well be celebrating the Mistigris computer arts
collectives 25th !? anniversary outright in November, so if you only make
one guest appearance all year, thats the one to shoot for.
Before those, we hope to issue a new issue of the Kithe e-mag before the next
artpack drops, the first in 22 years. Its timely subject? Why, naturally
the summer 99 demoparty report! Our long-overdue observations will no doubt
be found to be acutely on the nose. Which reminds me, the Spoon magazines
ongoing Procrastination study must have some new results to report, I ought
to check in on them. As well, though we have no formal affiliation with
them, I do like to make announcements here on behalf of the Vancouver
Chipmusic Society, who have another instalment of their Overload concert
series upcoming, Wed Aug 28th at the Fox, featuring sets by Azuria Sky,
Bit.Umen, Dos Boot, and DontBlinkOrYoullDie, as well as visuals by DR!P.
And... as its after midnight, Im too late to plug Raquel Meyers
performance at Torontos Vector Festival, though I understand shell have a
PETSCII installation set up there for another month. Never a lack of
compelling cultural options, Toronto!
Before I wrap completely, Id just like to extend a very special thanks to
Smooth for once again icing our cake with another fabulous FILEID.DIZ design
as seen above, realizing a Cthulu cocktail napkin sketch in crayon, while
finalizing his work in the amazing Fuel 30 artpack that just beat us out of
the gate, go check it out now! Go, close this newsletter, its done, and
load it up.
This concludes our broadcast. Thank you for joining us.
Mistigris 2019 - the revolution will not be livestreamed