information about _us_ by Cthulu (not a fish)
information about _us_ by Cthulu (not a fish)
mistigris logo by platinumyes, that DOES say mist
Mistigris Productions May / June 1994
Cthulu here, proclaiming the release of our latest pack. Actually,
this pack has been more or less in this form for the past few weeks, but
had a few difficulties in that most obnoxious of infofiles, our latest is
of Kithe. Right now we have an issue which is current for March 1996. A
s you
may no doubt notice that news is somewhat close to four months out of dat
So we are once again releasing a pack without an issue of Kithe in it.
inform our general public, however, we are releasing a memberlist for the
time outside of the kithe mag itself so the workings of the past
three months
wont go entirely unknown.
On a different topic - May / June pack? Well... yes. We still int
to release 12 packs this year, presumably one for every month, but we waf
for so long in May that by the time we released our May pack it was June.
That is not to say that we will not release a separate June pack
- we very well
may, once exams are over and school is out. So we may not maint
ain our low
profile for much longer.
These should really be kept short, so Ill just briefly mention a c
of other things - our musicdisk for Naid should be released soon, so keep
eyes open for the 604 music disk containing music from all of the grou
in our merry area code - web page at
mist.html - and of course I am not a fish.
That last one should be taken most seriously of all the information
contained herein. Any moans, groans, complaints, or funny stuff should b
sent to me at - oh yes. We are now accepting
coders for the position of Kithe programmer 8.
- cthulu - mistigris un-fish