MIST0624 memberlist by eRUPT / Cthulu
MIST0624 memberlist by eRUPT / Cthulu
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MIST0624 contributing artists:
Abstrakt took a good decade and a half off for good behavior, but it seems
that newschool ASCII art may be just like riding a bicycle in at least one
Adel Faure learned in the pandemic summer of 2021 that they were not creating
text art in a vacuum, as they had thought, but that there was a community of
colleagues to work with and learn from. Everything since then has been a
feverish frenzy of creation and getting up to speed.
adelfaure.net / adelfaure.itch.io / x.com/adelfaure / mastodon.art/@adelfaure
As his handle suggests, Alpha King has a lot to offer a textmode screen.
Whether it is sublime or profane depends upon his mood.
AtonalOspreys credentials and qualifications for participating in an
undertaking such as the commission of a computer artpack are so increasingly
abundant -- now moreso than ever! -- that it would be pointless to elaborate
upon at any further length.
youtube.com/user/antonvanoosbree / instagram.com/atonalosprey
AXB threw down newschool ASCII art with the best -- Remorse, ACiD and Unit --
during the underground computer artscenes silver age, starting in 1996...
but since none of them are around anymore, hes been reduced to slumming with
iaxb.com/ascii.htm / universeodon.com/@axb
Mike Blippypixel Rose is a digital artist whose tastes veer toward the
vintage in electronic music and visuals, dabbling in low-poly 3D modeling, LED
pixelart, and teletext as well as work in the distinctive idiom of the BBC
Darkman Almighty administers the USS Excelsior BBS, and picked up a little
ANSI art along the way so as to better skin his Starbase in cyberspace most
Theres a word to describe how eRUPT recently explosively departed from his
artscene retirement, but using it here would be a little too on the nose.
Back in the game after a couple of decades away, hes changing ASCII art gears
from his time in ACiD and Remorse and recalibrating them for Impure.
Illarterate is a multimedia artist from Wigan, UK. Despite attempts to
modernise, he will forever be known as That Guy That Does Teletext Art. But
whoever said thats a bad thing?
x.com/illarterate / teletextart.tumblr.com / portfolio.illarterate.co.uk
bsky.app/profile/illarterate.bsky.social / @illarterate@bitbang.social
littlebitspace has developed into a passionate practitioner of ASCII art and
PETSCII experiments on esoteric and calcified themes.
littlebitspace.com / mas.to/@littlebitspace / @littlebitspace.bsky.social
Mavenmob is an interesting case, informed by equal parts of the philosophy of
J. Krishnamurti and his artscene youth in Blade and Echo.
mavenmob.com / instagram.com/mavenmob / oldbytes.space/@mavenmob
You wont see any of Mavriks creative work in our recent archives, but
theres a very good chance that the collection will have passed through his
graciously-offered web hosting at mistigris.org en route to you, picking up
from his historical facilitator role greasing the gears of Mists KiTSCHNet
echomail network from its home at Daemons Gate BBS.
Software developer mozz is an aspiring creator and ASCII art archivist,
notably in the style as practiced in 90s usenet groups such as alt.ascii-art.
Hes a relative newcomer to the art scene, having discovered it through
working with gopher and adjacent small-internet projects, and has since
developed a deep appreciation for the medium. His website hosts a personal
gallery along with an extensive archive of ASCII art collections, tutorials,
and other historical resources.
A 90s ANSI art acolyte recently finding his way back to the fold, Nitron
has made up for lost time releasing solo artpacks and making guest
appearances, putting up Hold Fast BBS, and is currently minting screens for
BBS door games like its going out of fashion -- 25 years too late!
Tapio is a Finnish programmer who develops retro games in QB64 with textmode
graphics. His most recent release is Whispers In The Moss, but you may also
be familiar with his work on Mafioso Football Manager or Codename Desperado.
Next up: I Will Find Her.
Carl TeletextR Attrill, host of the Byte High No Limit podcast, represents
Mistigris continuing wave of introducing the great public textmode art
tradition -- teletext -- to the underground computer artscene.
teletextr.blogspot.com / @x.com/teletextr / @bytehigh.bsky.social
vermileonhart has been into tech since I was a little kid, Ive been
fiddling with computers all my life but my heart has always yearned for the
arts and any means of creative expression... sadly, Ive never been good at
it, or couldnt find any medium that felt fulfilling.
But one particular night it came to me... ASCII art. I remembered my dad and
I playing in his old DOS computer, writing shit into terminals and getting
drawings made with text. And it was like an epiphany: I could make art that
was in my tech realm, and it would pay homage to those old days when I was a
kid and everything was alright. So I became obsessed with it... I started
looking for anything related to ASCII art, found out about BBSs, art packs...
all of that.
And that got me here.
From Twilight, the Legion, Avenge, Fire, Fuel and through to Blocktronics, the
Swede known as Zeus II is a one-man ANSI art industry. Also, a hell of a cook!
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