The Realm of Serion BBS screens by Booch
The Realm of Serion BBS screens by Booch
//Greetings from .......
//Minnesota! ...........
//Im Booch, a sysop ...
//and code meddler. ....
//Check out my screens!
//Some are old. Most are
//new, but theyre only
//for looking, not .....
//taking. Made them just
//for my BBS ...........
The Realm of Serion BBS
Bulletin Board
Multinode door games Multinode user chat
Custom ANSI graphics
//Need to scratch that door game itch?...
o P
P oO. . .
.0P ,, c , .,
0 l
lo . j
0Lo C .
o o. p ,
o c
l,co j c .
0 j,, , ,, c o. .
.coc.0 o
,c, ,l .C*
. C*
, t
0 on the Realm of Serion
//A screen dedicated to BBS news like website updates, door game changes,
//tournament winners, etc....
2019 Nov 11th the BBS was brought back online after 10 years!
//In logon land, you have the freedom to speak, but just one line...
//Heres the banner:
. Booch . .
//Ah, the main menu. The BBS focus is on door gaming, but theres a few other
//places to check out as well....
Booch The Realm of ERION
F the Fighters Guild * the Mages Guild a M the Serion Mail Center C the Orc Blood Tavern B the Serion Storyboard R the Ranking Bulletin H Hall of Heroes A About the Realm :W: Whos Online :S: System Information :L: Leave the Realm Dusk has fallen on the realm of Serion. It is the
time when men rest and beasts awaken. Only the bold
venture beyond the protective walls of the realm.
//Whos on the BBS now? Usually no one at this time of day, but I might as
//well list the BBS sysops
VVarriors currently in the realm:
Syntax Error
//Blood, screams, the sound of gold coins falling from slain monsters...
//Yep, this is the fighters guild...
The Fighters Guild
Near the main gate, the
Booch Fighters Guild is well
positioned to defend
Serion from evil dwelling in the lands beyond...
1 L.o.R.D. Tournament
3 Usurper
4 /
5 Exitilus
Land of the Forgotten 7 Falcons Eye
8 mbroshia
est of ime
9 /rrowbridge-II-
Q Quit to Courtyard
What is your wish?
//Ok, stop. Lets see your lanyard... Nope, not an Immortal... cant come in!
Permitted to Avatars of the Boochrealm only, the old Mages
Guild of Serion holds secrets granted only to immortals. Do you have what it takes to become an immortal?
Your powers as an Avatar:
Night sight: The power to see secret passages...
Hidden areas will be revealed here in the Mages Guild...
//Heres a screen that lists everyone thats won the LoRD Tournament.
//Occasionally, we offer prizes to whoever wins.
erion Hall of Heroes
This great hall was the kings
throne room from long ago. Now
it is a massive gallery of the
finest arts of the realm.
Along the sides of the hall
are massive stone statues of
heroes from past and present:
KernelPanicJonsey Magneto
Elf Kowtow .Sarthius
SlipnSlide Mithrandir.Karjak
Opus Deedlit .Maverick
Chaz Windaria
Garwulf .Ram
//Oh, goody. A menu for sending and receiving email. At least this place has
//a nice stained glass window...
erion Mail Merchants Located in the Southern Quarter, the Mail Merchant structure lies along its fortress wall. The aged
buildings in this area of the city Boochare in much better condition because
of the fact that the South side run
along the impassible Agermire Cliff.
:R: Read mail sent to you
:S: Send mail to a warrior
:M: Mail the Realm Lord
:Q: Quit to the Courtyard
//Text messaging? Snapchat? Facebook? No... communicating that way is too
//easy... the older, much less convenient, harder to use and confusing way of
//live chat on a BBS is so much better!
erion Orcs Blood Tavern
This tavern occupies one of the war battered
buildings along the Eastern wall of Serion.
Despite the poor condition of the structure,
this expansive chamber is well adorned with animal skins and with the mounted heads of previous famous enemies of the Realm. Booch :/W: Whisper to a warrior :/A: Toggle Actions :/C: Action List :/Q: Return to the Courtyard :CTRL-P: Page a warrior to join you here :CTRL-U: List warriors who are in the Realm
//No matter how many times we kill that dragon, it keeps getting up...
Authentic 4.06
//Well... our time of screen viewing is coming to an end. Time to drop carrier
//and hopefully see you soon on...
the realm of


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  • The Realm of Serion BBS screens
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  • 2019-06-12
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    font: IBM VGA
    icecolors: yes
    letter spacing: 8px
    legacy aspect: no

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