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Welcome to our latest artpack collection! Through automatic social
media insights and exhaustive manual analysis spreadsheets: Im not just
joking about them we now know more than ever about our audience and what
they like to see in our collections, and with sixteencolors seemingly joined
by textmod.es in the paralysis that perhaps acts as a prelude to
decrepitude, the path forward for artpacks has never been more in question.
Given the apparent frailty of the online artpack galleries -- though
artpacks.org is still with us and updating -- well try to ensure that
everything in our collections going forward is easily accessible to casual
human web browser investigators on our website at mistigris.org/packs ...
ANSI art will be converted to PNG, tracked music to MP3, infofiles to raw
text. But existential questions have been Mists bread and butter since
our inception in 1994, so lets not dwell on them overly long: we know that
well never think or strategize our way to a correct answer, the only way to
find out what happens next is to continue existing. Very well then!
Note: just in time for the end of May, Maze came out of hiding... or back from
vacation, or whatever it is he was up to... and began making updates to
textmod.es. Doom averted -- this time! But moving forward, we will be a
little more careful and paranoid.
Though this is our infofile, I must confess that there is but little news to
report on this month: most curiously, we participated in a celebration of
Pinguinos birthday at NinjaPenguin 12 with an ASCII art ticker tape parade
of sorts -- Burps of Fuel set up remote access to a thermal paper printer,
which allowed off-site well-wishers to send in their regards in the form of
ASCII art. We sent off a time-travelling greeting from Mist Classic,
scouring the back archives for penguin appearances. If you keep your eyes
open you should be able to find a collection of the celebratory missives,
including ours, circulating. Errata? A teletext piece by TeletextR last
month was falsely credited to Alistair Cree. Even though the artists
styles are like night and day, the mistake obvious to anyone who takes a
second to consider it, it is inevitable that these things happen -- given
however many months weve been releasing 100+ pieces now, its perhaps
surprising that this doesnt happen more often. Even with a 1 metadata
failure rate, we ought to be hitting at least one every month! Oh well.
All we can do is try our best. And... oh yes! Just in time for the second
Living Closet revival art party at Claire Roberts house you can now call
her Nouscentric, we released MIST-LC-ARTDISK-2, a sequel to our best of
Mistigris floppy diskette distributed at one of their 1999 art parties.
This collection includes the Venn diagram of our favorite small-file-size
works released under the Mistigris banner between the previous art disks
1999 release and the art party revival in May 2017... plus some documents of
that art party, released a year later in May 2018. Its a little
complicated to wrap your brain around, but the Mistigris connection is
nonetheless indisputable, you may just have to take my word for it.
Following our very successful science fiction May 2018 artpack and the more
dubious but distinctly successful-on-its-own-terms April Fools artpack
preceding it, there is officially no explicit theme this time around,
though where possible in deference to the season I have tapped the
wellspring of works on themes of warm-weather recreation and the splendor of
natural landscapes welcome back, Pixel Art For The Heart, the two of us
havent crossed paths since you iced as in icing a cake, not just run of
the mill winter ice our winter MIST1217 collection! and their denizens.
No, after that mega doubly-parenthetical aside, its simply not fair to
expect people to still be able to handle that closing clause! Fear not,
well have another pile of pop culture references for you next time around!
Stay tuned! Thats a hint.
Making their first appearances here with us this month youll find pieces
from the following artists making their artpack debuts with Mistigris:
Connexicon, Etanas partner and Tilted Windmills colleague Italian
architecture student Involtino English typewriter artist Jamie Graham
Italian digital artist nbreakfast Korean computer science student
Nelumbotus and German fusion bead pixelartist Webersso.n. As well, other
artists have been with us for a while now but are only just now getting the
opportunity to really open up during our window of leaving dopey themes
behind. Items to keep your eyes open for include Daniel Wickerts return to
kaleidoscopic imagery, now in suitably low resolution thanks to the Lego
company! Also you can find an eerily period-appropriate lit by Cranksy laid
out as ANSI art, bizarrely resonant with something you would have found in
our first collections of the early 90s. Arielle Olivier shares a whole
suite of a bakers dozen thought-provoking collages, Illarterate takes us on
a whirlwind tour of alternate teletext history, and Max Mouse -- who has
returned from the wilderness -- has an entire gallery of ANSI art interface
and illustrations from one of his MUD multi-user dungeon online game
And all thats just scraping the surface! Theres a ton weve been holding
back waiting for a chance to share with you!
This concludes this months typical bait-and-switch Mistigris infofile.
Oh, we have nothing to say. Here, allow me to demonstrate for several
Many thanks to Nail for the FILEID.DIZ, without which... this wouldnt
really be an artpack. Well it would be, it would be an artpack with a
woefully amateurish Cthulu DIZ. Thanks to our audiences and our new
contributors -- we are always looking for submissions! We share well over a
hundred pieces monthly on social media, a mill that demands grist by the
And greetz to our colleagues at fuel.wtf, blocktronics.org, impure.nl, Fire
Dream, Break, galza.org, pungas.space, paleotronic.com,
soundcloud.com/bitcouver, vanchipmusic.ca, and TABNet!
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