Mistigris Computer Art License by Cthulu and Polyducks
Mistigris Computer Art License by Cthulu and Polyducks
Cthulus initial draft of the Mistigris Computer Art License was a little
confusing and had some tldr issues, so Polyducks has helpfully boiled it down
to the following salient points:
* The artist has full rights to their work.
* Mistigris has rights to display their work.
Now, heres where the rubber meets the road:
* The work can be shared and stored by anyone on any digital platform, as long
as correct attribution is given AND it is used solely as an appreciation of
the art not as a method to sell or promote other material.
* For any other use, including print please, no more NFT inquiries!, please
contact the artist directly or via Mistigris at info@mistigris.org
* To elaborate on that parenthetical NFT aside: nothing you see us sharing may
be used in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency,
or future inventions in the space, without express permission by the creator.
* Yes, were serious!