Mistigris member/site listing by Mistigris
Mistigris member/site listing by Mistigris
m i s t i g r i s
We have really nifty quotes
M e m b e r l i s t i n g
a n s i
Diamond Traveller Halaster Nitnatsnoc The Extremist
Donut Hole Killa Hertz prisonernumberone The Naughty Tycoon
Epitaph Mavrik Silence ts
Fob Midget Farmer Spirit of Illusion
l i t vga
Coyote Etana Deadpool
Cthulu Livewire Etana Sir Freaksalot
DArtagnan Reanimator prisonernumberone Smokescreen
Eoanya Sauron Shaolin Summoner
m u s i c r i p
Epitaph Reanimator CoolWhip Shaolin
King Arthur Shrapnel prisonernumberone The Lite
Professor Pukoid Silence
c o d e c o u r.
Agent Orange Helter Midget Farmer Defective Mind
Dr. CPU Mavrik Questor Remorse
Eto Maxwell Vendetta
light purple means he is a new addition to our team.
dark purple means he has work in this months pack, but will be leaving.
S i t e L i s t i n g
Board: Phone number: SysOp Position:
The Screaming Tomato 604 430-8805 Nitnatsnoc WHQ
The Regency 404 668-0412 Halaster USHQ
Sarcastic Toaster 418 849-8121 Eerie CHQ
Daemons Gate 604 948-0363 Mavrik Kitschnet WHQ
Black Sunshine 516 621-0908 Defective Mind Member
Blistered Reality 604 558-5044 Fob Member
C1ty iZ Burning 418 841-3410 The Extremist Member
The Chaos Laboratories 418 UP-SOON Diamond Traveller Member
Cybertron 604 277-0783 Smokescreen Member
The Flying Donuts 404 578-8558 Donut Hole Member
Pecked to Death by Ducks 604 581-6019 Coyote Member
Psycho City 510 797-0525 Veks Site
Salems Lot 604 599-9269 Helter Member
Sands of Time 604 261-4714 Sauron Member
Savage Exile 905 891-2544 Critical Illusion Site
Virtual Delusions 604 984-6627 Summonner Member
Note: After the merger, we dropped all of our sites. Please re-apply if you
had a site with Mistigris or Fire before the merger if you want to becom
e a site once more.
This file was compiled by Nitnatsnoc, so all rotten fruit in your arsena
l should be thrown at me if need be.