wee!! by Halaster
wee!! by Halaster
-------hal-pin.ans, originally. for necrophilier.. obscurity of pinion.------
p i n i o n !
- hal
.pinion.sysop:obscurity.somewhere in 404.specializing in art and cheap hds.
-----------hal-ths3.ans, originally. for k-spiff of the hack shack-----------
ops: k-spiffunion
the hack
ansi by halmist
---------hal-tfd2.ans, originally. for donut hole of the flying donuts-------
this is the
smallest stand-
alone font that
ive EVER done.
he lying onuts
.the flying donuts.404.578.8558.mist member board.ex-fire whq. :
--------------hal-ovrc.ans, originally. for obscurity of pinion-------------
this is what i like to call the over-
over-shaded cerebus.
wanted to try something new..
made instead of 2 fonts for obscurity.
-------------more pinion crap.. he REQUESTED 33 inverse-style.. :-----------
------------humdeedum.. i can do these all day.. 10 minutes each. :---------