Greetings, and welcome to another Mistigris artpack collection! Once again we
return in this artpack to the theme of classic and modern visual fine art,
such as you might find in galleries and museums... only instead of getting
computer art into said galleries, were taking the galleries and dragging their
contents, kicking and screaming, onto your computers. You can say much the
same of most of our artpacks. The themes change but really the eternal
constant is the kicking and the screaming, which always helps to make it all
This isnt the artpack we had been planning on releasing this month... indeed,
it wasnt even in our top three anticipated artpack topics! You have Nitron,
your friend and mine, to thank for this artpack happening when it did. Hed
been slipping us works hed been putting together in his private studio,
inquiring about various themes we had upcoming in our schedule, and after some
extensive accounting regarding which pieces are allocated for which themes, he
noted -- and also we cant forget about my sailboats! Ah yes, we recalled, he
had sent us some sailboats. Where had we filed them, again? We eventually
found them in our fine art incoming directory, which we had opened since AXB
had been sending in approximately one monochrome ANSI per year on this theme
since it was last vented in MIST0120, only to discover that by throwing it a
bone or two every month, over time it had grown fit to burst. MIST0424, a
found readymade! Nitron, the wind is blowing in the right direction and your
sailboats are ready to leave the marina.
In addition to the artists already named, other contributors who represented
here with a wide variety of works include AtonalOsprey, Blippypixel,
Horsenburger, Kalcha, and Littlebitspace. However, between their virtual rooms
of works do be sure not to overlook small but very worthwhile contributions
from Illarterate, Jellica Jake, Kurogao, LDA, Polyducks, t1po, the War on
Christmas, ZXGuesser, and guests Darokin and Lord Nikon.
Cthulu put together the infofile and FILEID.DIZ iconography for this artpack
himself, following excellent advice from AtonalOsprey and Nitron for the DIZ in
adapting an official logo for NYCs Museum of Modern Art featuring abstractions
of the tops of iconic New York City skyscrapers. He tells you this because
you likely wont be able to tell for yourself, in their translation to coloured
ASCII art, but he liked their circuit diagram sensibilities regardless and ran
with it. The memberlist is under an adaptation of Al Helds 1964 The Big N,
part of his series of alphabet paintings through 1967, and this NFO file
resides of course in a Banksy adaptation. Its not entirely obvious quite yet
but it will be in just a moment.
If we hold to our schedule something that shouldnt always be taken for
granted, but... we should be sharing another artpack with you in one weeks
time, our traditional collection of computer art on science fiction themes, and
in June we should finally be getting around to venting our pent-up first
unthemed artpack of the year. Thanks for keeping us on your radar!
Cthulu would like to give mad greets to his former colleagues at the
Butchershop Floor Gallery and later, the Little Mountain Studios, and to the
proprietors of San Franciscos defunct 20 GOTO 10 gallery, whose 2008 hosting
of the ANSI exhibition proved inspirational to a whole new wave of textmode
art creation and exploration. Hed also like to acknowledge a whole crop of
604-based galleries and artist spaces where he spent far too much time hanging
out as an artscene-missing art bum in his twenties, including: the Western
Front, Video In, the Gallery Gachet, Blim, the Gaff Gallery, the CSA space,
Misanthropy and the Penticton Art Gallery. That said...
Throw the switch!
Mistigris Computer Arts Collective est. 1994
MIST0424, April 27, 2024
Assorted computer graphics formats
Dimensions variable
Collection of Cthulu