MIST0420 infofile by cXc, Picrotoxin, Kth
MIST0420 infofile by cXc, Picrotoxin, Kth
its a man,
a woman, !
and a pizza. c
the joke c
writes itself, right?
oo o
please wash your hands and sneeze into your elbow. aprils theme is...
bad art, bad jokes, memes, april fools, et cetera.
Here it is, April 1st, and
since this time last year weve
been committed to furthering
and perpetuating one of our
very oldest traditions:
commemorating April Fools
Day by celebrating bad art of
our own making. Its bad
enough that the jokes arent
very funny which is part of a bigger
meta-joke, ask any troll, but it also had
the ironic fortune to take place during a
singularly unfunny once-a-century global
pandemic. Know whats the secret to great
comed-- --TIMING!
But, by gum, the quarantines and lockdowns
stole St. Patricks Day and Spring Break from us, Easter is going to be
unavoidably marginal, and... its not looking good for everyones perennial
favorite, Victoria Day of course!, Im just going to leave it at that.
Fear not everyone, the scheduled annual Blender compos are still on track for
April 18th. Since youre not allowed to leave your homes, I expect to see you
all there!
In defense of bad art: during the turbulent times of WWI and the Spanish flu,
the cadre of absurd Dada artists holed up at the Cabaret Voltaire concluded
that when the world turned ugly, only ugly art could accurately represent it
-- that the role of art, as Goya had discovered, was to hold up the mirror to
society and pointedly indicate all the wrongness to be found there. Things
are so wrong today its like were almost within smelling range of the
workers paradise to be found on the other pole of the horseshoe! But I
digress. Thus concludes todays cribbed note from Art History 100.
So partly due to irrevocable inertia, but most importantly as a glorious,
futile gesture of defiance -- against the old, decadent status quo, against
the strange new turn of events, and most importantly against all sense of
propriety and good taste, we bring on the tragicomic parade of jokes, mostly
half-baked during far simpler times -- retained here as a document of the
final days when frivolity was still on the table. For the next 30 days, here
at Mistigris, merriment is mandatory. Amusement is optional.