Felix felicitus, the alleycat by Cthulu's Cat
Felix felicitus, the alleycat by Cthulu's Cat
March is here and Mistigris isnt pushing u
p flowers yet... like the
month, we came in like a lion and came out li
ke a lamb. Expect our April
pack to bring in May flowers. And in May?
Then we let out the pilgrims!
Er... ignore me, please.
Well, technically, its still March, so
we havent broken our little
pledge of1996 yet... but if you though THIS pack suck
ed, just wait till
the next one! Yes, you heard me right... I can absolutely guarantee
our next pack will be the worst one ever! And if its not, were in
Has Cthulu lost it? Tune in next month to find out...
Well, its not longer technically March. Nonetheless, I shall
hold to the spirit, if not the letter, of my new years resolution by
releasing at least one pack for every month. You may notice that t
his pack
is missing an issue of Kithe. Well, some articles were never finish
and others were never started, and to make a long story short it was
written but the coding was a bitch SO we decided, hey, its not march
anymore, lets get this over with, so we decided to release what wed
lined up for the march pack and just have a double-whammy of a kith
e next
time around in may, incidentally.
Do we have anything else to say?
Oh yeah, visit our web page at
and dont worry if it bites too much right n
ow. Were working on it.
Oh yeah. one more thing, Cthulu can be reac
hed at cthulu@infomatch.com
for any applicants, site beggars, concerned
parents, nubile women of
questionable virtue or merger offers. So.
. erk, I AM NOT A FISH! - cth