Read this, it's good stuff. by Cthulu
Read this, it's good stuff. by Cthulu
March 95 Info:
Warning: Do not ingest.
Well, the merger went off, not so much like a bang, but with more
of a soggy slap. The net was being sent everywhere and nowhere, people went
and came back from vacations, kittens got stuck up trees, and I got to see
Weird Al Yankovic, LIVE! w0w. OF course, none of these can be blamed on the
noble efforts of Hal, nor of Mav, or of... Squinky the Magic Slug. Thats
right, Squinky. Everyone tries to coin problems off on him.
But WE dont stoop that low, do we, Squinky? squink, squink. He said, no. But, were well on our way to pulling things together, and next month
we should be as organized as we ever were. Nitty is going to be putting the
pack together next month, and well see how well his job of it will be
compared to my godlike efforts toward the same cause. The net should be fixed,
being currently available to everyone on TwingleNet... and it might even,
if Psychoskylarks board goes back up with the 1-800 number, be free for
everyone in the states. If that sounds weird, thats cause Im sitting
comfortably in canada right now, land of the beavers and maple syrup.
Toss me another eskimo-man! The fires gettin kinda low, eh?
In any event, a few things of note:
A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Oh, and some sharps and flats.
We have adopted Fires releasing schedual. That means, we release on
the DAY OF THE MONTH. For example, January 1st. Feb. 2nd. And so on.
I dont want to have to say that again.
Because Fire released THEIR last independant pack on Feb 2nd, we
decided to wait for this month to release the next pack. So NO, you didnt miss
a month of mist packs, cause we didnt make another one. Makes sense?
No, Cthulu, it makes no sense at all. I am a fish, incidentally.
We have a squinky new viewer, GoldView, by Eto. I think we finally
have a competitor for tribeview here, folks. Try this and weep.
Actually, Squinky coded it, but well give Eto the credit.
Guest Artists this month:
Magik Elvis, Merlyn, B-Real, and Avenger all lend very strong efforts
towards our divine and bountiful abundant, even literature department.
Yay, go the masses sarcastically, just what I need, more lit.
Veks also was a mist member long enough to make us a logo before he
went to ice. See? That nice lil logo right up there
Hmm... anything else... oh yeah. We scrapped all of our sites with
the merger. If you want to be a mist site and used to be one, or used to be
a fire site, please re-apply. Sorry for the inconvenience, come again soon.
Corrections to Kithe:
Tzeentch isnt REALLY out of the group... hes just not as active as he
used to be. Lessee... nothing minus 5.... waitasec!
Where is:
The Naughty Tycoon? With Eeries departure from everything to found
Spastic, our Quebec side was left pretty uncoordinated. Evidently he got
missed out by The Extremist, who put up a damned fine effort in any event.
Of course, that intendedly unfortunate news may come as a pleasant surprise
to some of you, but we LIKE his fonts, dammit! Well, SOME of us, in any rate
Prisoner1? Well, this month, he moved from... er.. Georgia? westwards
to California. Due to his .. er.. geographical instability, he didnt manage
to produce any work this month. Maybe next month.
Arg. Once again, Ive managed to make this infofile 10 times larger
than I intended, so, er, READ KITHE, DAMMIT!, JOIN KITSCHNET, DAMMIT!, and
eat more beans. dammit! jim, Im a doctor, not an elevator!
Signing off to go to the
Weird AL Concert,
Co-Big-Kahuna and one of the
Canadian Gurus,
and Squinky the Magic Slug
***Note... in honor of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, all of the file
seperators this month come in the form of the lyrics to Weird Als
greatest hits. Read them. WOrship them. Then you will be more like me.
Its amazing how writing things in white gets people to read
them. wheras things written in dark grey rarely get read at all.
And if you think THATS bad, things written in black NEVER get read. Okay,
almost never. Unless theyre the lyrics to a metallica song or a hidden nin