Mistigris Information 02/96 by Cthulu
Mistigris Information 02/96 by Cthulu
In February
it will be
my snowmans
with cake for him
and soup for me!
Happy once
happy twice
happy chicken soup
with rice.
Greetings to all from the madcap macchiavellian misfits of
mistigris, of
master machinations and of an excess of aweful alliteratio
n. There...
now that Ive gotten THAT nonsense out of the way, I may a
s well enlighten
you as to the purpose of this file, if you do not know alr
eady. You will
not find a memberlist here, nor elite hidden greets.
However, if you are in search of such information, unz
ip and run the small
e-mag contained within KITHE10.ZIP, which remains consist
antly the main
reason we miss deadline. I must warn you, though, that we
are in no way
responsible for the ramifications of running the program w
ith the music
turned on. Be warned. Thanks to Questor, for coding the
beast on such a
short notice, and to Destro, who should be considerably su
rprised to find
his logo here.
Feb. 12, 1996