DOVE-Net logo package by CodeFenix
DOVE-Net logo package by CodeFenix
A pack of DOVE-Net ANSI
logos for use on your BBS
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In May of 2022, user JaXson posted a question on the DOVE-Net Sysops
conference asking whether any ANSI Ads existed for DOVE-Net, which
could be displayed to users as they jump into the DOVE-Net message area
on the BBS. Digital Man replied that as far as he recalled, no official
ANSI ever existed.
So I created these few ANSI logos and posted them as replies to that thread.
Why not?
Its fairly typical for one or more ANSI/ASCII logos to be included
in a BBS networks infopack so sysops can advertise having the network
on their board. DOVE-Net does not distribute any such infopack, but thats
no reason to not have ANSI logos available.
I used Moebius to create them. They do include SAUCE info, but you can
remove it if you want.
I hope people enjoy them, or get inspired to make other/better ones
of their own. VERT/CONCHAOS
.,. bn,. ..!,,,,,,.........,,,,.. . ,odP .!...
.,!@, YP .,!!!,.,.. ,bn ,on. ,dP,dP7 ,@@!,,.
.!@,,. ,dP .! !!. ,dP d . ,q.. P b .!@@,,,.,
!!. ,dP q. ., d, b..b b ...,!!,.,.
,@. ,dP ,db.q. ,P dP .b . b ...!,, .
....,dP dP Ybq. d,b .o@bb..b.P b. ..!...
.@.,..P P qq.,P d b . . . .,
!.,. P b d qd,P ..,.. b. b b ..bYb. ..!,.
!!, P Yb. ,dP qP d ,,, b . ...!T !,,.
.!,, ... @P ....7 bn, ,, b. qY YP .....,. .
. ,...,!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@! . ..
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doMAIN .
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