MIST0220 infofile by Cthulu / CoaXCable
MIST0220 infofile by Cthulu / CoaXCable
It is all about the love you give to others!!!
Its the eternal trap of the ceaseless wheel of time, turning endlessly
from a strong Halloween artpack to a middling Christmas artpack to a strong
themed January artpack to a luke-warm Valentines-themed artpack and the
weirdness that follows until we go hard for May again. But when else are we
supposed to share our creations on the topic of love and romance? The
artscene has enshrined an evergreen niche for images of grimacing noseless
men brandishing firearms, but gentler emotions still have a hard time finding
their footing here. So because there is no better time for it, we have
plotted a course for February with our creators works on themes of
affection, intimacy, eroticism, and ... as close as many male artists get,
the ambiguously objectifying celebration of the female form. But because the
sum of it often doesnt quite amount to a satisfyingly substantial
collection, this artpack is officially unthemed, meaning that were bundling
in other meritorious artwork weve been sitting on at least since our last
unthemed artpacks in November and even August of 2019. We are supposed to be
the champions of the outsiders, so just why is it were having so much
difficulty finding a place to release art that doesnt fit in anywhere else?
Chalk it up to the tyranny of theme.
That said, were well on our way to a hundred images celebrating the
whole spectrum from love to lust, ranging from fuzzy snuggles with Snoopy and
the Care Bears to... well, whatever Spanish fly Jellica Jake is on is one
hell of a ride, is all Im going to say. These pieces will be segregated by
filename from the rest of the unthemed art in this collection, a lusty foam
you can skim from the top when youre in the mood. And a hearty helping of
unthemed art for when youre not feeling like passionate froth is something
you necessarily want to consume.
Thanks to CoaXCable for providing the FILEID.DIZ artwork... we were
debating some terrible ideas, hot and bothered ways of coaxing out the shape
of the letter M, when he swooped in with the artwork what I like to frame
as celebrating the love between a man and Deadpool and explicitly staking a
claim for the artpacks being officially unthemed. Maybe the theme is just
confusion. Maybe the theme is ALWAYS confusion???
Greetings to HUNDERPANZER which never fails to delight, no matter how
you translate it, who makes his debut here fulfilling a BBS logo request
like it was 30 years ago, and to Mavenmob, making his first modern artpack
appearance here after taking 22 years off for good behavior. Hes still
making art inflected by his time in the ANSI art trenches, and speaking of
which -- hats off to Polyducks pixelart guests Retroshark and Rhoq, jumping
in to our networked Moebius ANSI art foxhole, still running up at
psychosomatica.org inquire for the password!, to see to what extent their
virutal Lego skills translated to ANSI. Well met!
There are a few further items of shop talk we could elaborate upon: in
keeping with a venerable artscene tradition we just invented last year, our
upcoming March MIST0320 artpack will be celebrating International Womens Day
by again making space to highlight works by female creators in an artscene
that has barely known any. Its been three decades of a wretched
self-reinforcing bro-on-bro vicious cycle, but its never too late to change
direction. So if you know any women who make awesome art but would never
otherwise venture into our toxic old boys club casually positions self
between the reader and all the porny content in this months artpack, please
consider sending them our way. IWD is coming up, so well need to be getting
that artpack together no later than the weekend of March 6th!
Our first batch of prototype pin-backed button designs have at long
last escaped from the mainframe and are on the wing, soon to meet computer
art fans in the flesh and be attached to the straps of their courier bags.
Stay tuned for our further adventures into the weird world of artscene
merch! I promise you we will attempt to sell you some!
Finally, though I always have to stress that we have no formal
association with them, for the benefit of the locals around the vicinity of
area code 604 Id like to hype up some events the Vancouver Chipmusic Society
are producing coming up! Feb 21st, a number of its regulars are performing
at Game Over at Bash Fest Feb 25th theyll be presenting a VGM showcase at
Red Gate, and the latest in their series of Chip Labs educational sessions is
coming up March 14th. Speaking of events for the locals, there may be an
underground computer artscene presentation from me upcoming at a local
hackspace. Will keep you posted!
That is all for now, but fear not, youre never more than four weeks
away from another patented Cthulu wall-o-text. Well, I guess next month
the logorrhea duties will be foisted off on some unfortunate lady, but you
get the picture. Stay tuned!