MIST0218 infofile by ldb / cthulu
MIST0218 infofile by ldb / cthulu
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Month after month, infofile after infofile... is there really that much more
for me to report? Well, yes and no. Once you keep this pace going
continuously for over a year, you start falling into familiar rhythms. So,
ahem, welcome to the Mistigris February 2018 artpack collection! As our last
two artpacks have demonstrated to us, themed collections can be a blast, so we
made the decision to keep it short and sweet and make this artpack have a
focus on this months standout holiday, Valentines Day, and the love and
lust associated with it. Next month well be going unthemed again and, let
me tell you, the backlog has been building up!
It was only around this time last year that I began seriously cruising for
regular contributors -- up to 1016, we had no aspirations beyond having our
friends make cameo appearances on an annual basis, then desperately ad-hoced
for a few months based on our momentum from there, but getting art out of
people every month ongoingly is a very different proposition, as it turns
out, which our old colleagues or, indeed, anyone else in the artscene
werent entirely on board to deliver. So I started headhunting outside the
scene... and there I have been ever since. Where is the LinkedIn for computer
artists, I ask you? A: Its DeviantArt, a correct but not great answer to my
question. There is no great answer: you just have to always have your eyes
open and your feelers out.
This is a roundabout way of saying that were here finally releasing eg. the
pixelart pieces responsible for putting Coffeeheart on my radar to begin with,
emptying her back catalogue... but similarly we use this occasion to introduce
to you in the subtlest of ways 8bitPoet, who you will be seeing a lot more
of -- in bite-sized servings -- in future collections.
And also theres a lot to love here from Mistigris regulars, sometimes out of
proportion to their general activity in unthemed collections.
Maybe thats a good place to wrap it this time around. As you all well
know, I can talk all day about the minutiae of running an artgroup, but as
an end unto itself perhaps I should not be encouraged. Please dont hesitate
to send us your best art submissions for our upcoming March artpack... and
your WORST art submissions for April!
Mistigris 2018: a lot to love